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11009Re: [Hammock Camping] dry sleep wear (was Cold weather hammocking)

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  • wfunk@adelphia.net
    Oct 30, 2005
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      Changing down to skin is especially difficult if you are not in shelter and everything is cold and wet. I just finished two weeks from Neels Gap to Newfound Gap and I needed everything I had to stay warm. I would dry out during the night. I didn't stay in a shelter until I has to in the Park. The shelters were not as bad but nothing dried out at night if I didn wear it. I did try to take off my UnderArmor undershorts because they are so restrictive when trying to sleep but great for hiking-no between legs abrasion.


      ---- tim garner <slowhike@...> wrote:
      > Chuck Henderson <chu62003@...> wrote:remember that when you bed down for the night to wear
      > clean long underwear and not the stuff you wore during
      > the day, as that stuff is full of sweat and body oils.
      > this makes for a very very cold night.
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