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10813Re: IT LIVES!!! FrankenPod

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  • Coy
    Oct 17 8:01 PM
      I can see a cord on the blue part that ends up under your head. ho do you keep that part
      spread out as wide as your head under you? I ended up cutting the hood part off of 2
      bags i fixed to slide over my hammock.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rat" <hogn8r2004@y...> wrote:
      > Up until now my cold weather gear has consisted of varying degrees of
      > pads. The coldest I have ever been in my Hammock is 25 degrees on a
      > hunt last year. While I was warm, I was not as comfortable as I am
      > used to when sleeping in just the hammock.
      > I have been watching and reading what everyone has been doing with
      > their set-ups concerning cold weather. And, I finally made a decision.
      > I really like the idea of a modular system like Ray garlington has
      > built. I also thought that the "Pea Pod" type insulator would make me
      > feel more like I was sleeping directly on the hammock. Plus it would
      > allow the use of more insulation between the hammcok and the Pea Pod
      > if it is needed. I plan on building a "Bag of Feathers" out of an old
      > down Military bag I have just for this. But first the FrankenPod...
      > I scavenged an old Coleman sleeping bag from the shed (~30-40 deg).
      > Zipped it around my hammcok and marked it while my wife was lying in
      > the hammock. Then, I cut it all up and re-sewed it. I can't really
      > express how ugly it is in words, your just gonna hafta look at the
      > pictures in my folder. I built this as a prototype to base future
      > builds on. It will get a little use here at the house, but the real
      > test will be when I go out in Nov. on the Annual Granger Hog Hunt. It
      > is usually pretty cold by that time, so we will see.
      > I just want to say thanks to everyone who post their homebrew stuff
      > and maintain web-sites. Without ya'll I would never have attempted
      > this.
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