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  • Coy
    Apr 17, 2003

      I've had that same problem from time to time. I really need to start
      taking notes on exact temps, humidity etc... but I think it is worse
      when humidity is low. Why? Well I seem to remember the most
      condensation buildup on a few fall trips when humidity is usually
      the lowest aroune my neck of the woods. But since I didn't take
      notes I can't say for sure. I would think just the opposite would be
      true ie higher humidity = more condensation. I really need to be
      more observant!!! However adding a fleece layer on top of the
      reflectic helps. It seems to allow moisture to evaporate but still
      the center of my pad gets damp from time to time. I think a thicker
      fleece would help me. Also I dont understand what you mean by
      facing down. Reflectix is the same on both sides. Unles there is
      another reflectix I'm not aware of. But reguardless I think the
      reflective side to whatever you have should face up.

      Coy Boy

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "bronco372003" <hlusk@p...>
      > Hello to everyone, I really enjoy this forum. Great info. I sleep
      > in a HH and I made a new sleeping pad last week and tried it out
      > other night. I used a 3/8" closed cell pad 27" x 72" , I made
      > from my shoulders to my waist Overall width was 34"(I am broad in
      > the shoulders) and I attached a piece or 5/16" Reflectix from my
      > shoulders to my butt. The temp was about 29 degs F. and snowing.
      > was quite warm all night but in the morning I had some
      > I think if it was any colder I would have been quite wet on my
      > backside. Any suggestions ?? Or it that typical with the
      > as a thermal barrier? I had the reflectix facing down. Maybe it
      > should be up? Maybe some add a piece of polar fleece? Any
      > suggestions would be great.
      > Thanks
      > H.L.
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