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  • Scot Leibacher
    Oct 3, 2005
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      Just a few losely related comments....

      I don't know about other states and the National Parks, but the State Parks in Indiana
      prohibit ANYTHING tied to trees for fear of damage... perhaps not immediate damage but fear that
      ropes or wires will be left on the tree. I found that Rangers will not bend on this rule. In fact, when you
      talk to them in person, most agree that hammocks have less impact, but "da rules is da rules". Change
      is necessary on this matter, but as is often the case, change is slow. Perhaps not enough people are asking
      the parks to provide hammock camping areas yet. The Parks are like most consumer lead
      industries... when the demand is large enough, they will provide a means. It may just be a
      campsite of telephone poles in the ground to tie to, but they will provide something. Perhaps I
      shouldn't mention that in jest on the chance some park official will take it seriously.

      I have been associated with Scouts in one way or another for about 36 years now... I don't
      think Powell's use of hammocks is a well know fact and would certainly not be seen as an essential
      part of his philosophy of Scouting. Its kinda like noting that Benjamin Franklin liked grape popcicles...
      its inconsequential to what is considered his main body of work and its emphasis. (Truth in posting
      guidelines compell me to add that it is completely speculative whether Mr. Franklin liked grape
      popcicles or not, this was for purely analogic purposes). In any case, I don't think you are likely to see
      the Scouts lead the charge on hammock camping.If there was ever a cautious and conservative
      organization, its the BSA. We are not likely to be on the bleeding edge of this or many issues.

      Scouts are slowly becoming introduced and interested in the concept of hammocks. My son went to
      the National Jamboree this past summer and reported there was a large display of hammock camping.
      We have heard on this news group of Scout Leaders being given time to cover the topic in training.
      More Troops are investigating the idea on their own. Like many things, it takes a few individuals promoting change
      from within which gradually grows outward and onward. I believe I have seen evidence of this happening within
      the Scouting organization. Hammocks also present some interesting shifts in thinking for Scouta to deal with. I don't mean
      to indicate these or insurmountable, but it takes time for people to become comfortable with the changes. They need to see it work a few places before embracing it themselves. The "buddy system", for example, is very crucial to Scouts. Having two per tent has always melded well with the buddy system way of doing things. Hammocks present an
      area where you are now away from that comfort zone of what you have practiced for years. A Troop committee
      needs to really think and discuss how they plan to handle some situations when allowing hammock camping.
      One positive comment, the youth are always more redicent to change than us old cusses. So the more boys and
      young men who become interested in the concept, the more pressure will be placed on the leaders to figure out
      ways to do this successfully and effectively.

      I know in this day and age of lightening fast communication, we don't like to wait for things to happen. I manage a
      technical Help Desk and fully realize if you can't fix someone's problem in 2 minutes they become antsy and
      discouraged (and worse). I do think we are seeing a comfortable progression in attitudes about hammock camping
      however. So call your local State Park today and ask when you can expect them to be able to accomodate your

      signed, An old Scout guy who just doesn't like sleeping on the ground anymore.

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      From: Rick
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      Actually, I think it was the nasty habit of leaving nails in trees and
      also of leaving lashings on trees for months and years that led people
      to think that attaching things to trees was a bad idea. At Philmont, it
      is not just hammocks, it is the issue of tying anything to a tree which
      is forbidden.


      Bill in Houston wrote:

      > I think that the straps may have become a red herring, and may have
      > done more harm than good for the cause of hammocking. Sorta like if I
      > told you "hey, I made some chili, and here's a bowl of it, and you can
      > take this Cipro beforehand to make sure it doesn't give you food
      > poisoning." In reality, the chili is just fine and is safe to eat.
      > But the whole batch of chili now has a taint in your head that is not
      > caused by the actual chili, but by my offer of Cipro and mention of
      > food poisoning. In the same way, "use these treehugger straps so you
      > don't hurt the trees" may put the thought in ones head that on any kind
      > of tree, all hammocks w/o the straps are harmful (and even with the
      > straps they are questionable), when in fact they may only be harmful on
      > 2% of the trees in the US, if that many.
      > Bill in Houston
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