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10567Re: [Hammock Camping] D.A.M. vs Underquilt - Why Choose?

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  • Dylan Anderson
    Oct 1, 2005
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      That is a good point jwj32542, and it is thoughts like
      that I am hoping to get, whether anyone has experience
      or not. More people in the conversation means more

      To address the question, at least in my case, I think
      while the quilt is not inflated, it will act just like
      any baffled quilt. When it is inflated, other DAMs
      seem to be working for others without any insulation
      between the tubes. Thinking about it, I think that
      when weight is on it, the tubes smash a bit, deforming
      from cylinders, to other less perfect shapes. Since
      they are held tight together, I would bet that the
      tops and bottoms of the cylinder curves expand out,
      while the extreme edges (the only bit touching without
      weight) stay the same since they are already tucked up
      against one another. In this case then, I think that
      the tubes take on a more square like cross section,
      thereby insulating the space. At least that seems to
      make the most sence since the tubes must deform some
      way, and nobody with a DAM has reported any cold
      strips so far.

      Should it prove to be a problem however, I can add
      insulation between the tubes too. The idea I have
      basically is to have it constructed as similar to a
      baffled quilt as I can, just with air tight baffles.
      When used in quilt mode with no weight on it, it
      should move and deform same as any other quilt. If it
      does not, it would be possible to add down inbetween
      the tubes. I really don't know though I suppose
      untill I try. Anyone else have any thoughts or ideas?
      Think it will work the way I imagine, or is there
      something I am overlooking? I think I will order the
      materials to start work some time in the next week or
      so, I would like to have my plan completed. Thank you
      all for your time.

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