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10565Re: [Hammock Camping] D.A.M. vs Underquilt - Why Choose?

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  • Dylan
    Sep 30, 2005
      Wow, only one reply. Either my idea isn't as exciting as it seemed
      when I came up with it, or a lot of people are luckier than me (out
      camping instead of here reading the board to avoid work)!

      Thank you Bill for your reply though. I had seen your DAM in the
      past, and I was thinking I might employ something similar. The only
      issue I have to deal with though is the way in which you inflate
      yours. Since mine will be embedded in an underquilt, I would not be
      able to clamp the ends of each baffle. Also, with an unsealed end
      when I am using it as a quilt, I would have the added problem of the
      down getting out when I am using it soft. What I am thinking is that
      all my baffles will have to be connected in som way, and inflated
      through one or two valves, much like the professionally made DAMs.
      Now I know I can heat seal both ends, but I am not sure how I would
      attach some sort of cross tube or valve assembly that would still be
      air tight and not terribly heavy.

      I know this is going to be a lot more work to solve than either the
      underquilt or a normal DAM would be on their own, however, I would
      love to be able to have the flexability without the worry of choosing
      which to take before I even get where I am going. I would simply
      stick to the underquilt because I know I prefer the comfort of them
      over the pad or DAM methods. The trouble is I live in a state that
      is half desert, and I like to see what is over the next hill. I very
      often have no idea what to expect untill I get there, and everything
      I have is all about the flexability. To that end then, while I can
      often hang my hammock even where there are no trees, sometimes I am
      forced to ground. When that happens, I must have something else.
      Therefor, I am willing to take on the extra difficulty of building an
      inflatable quilt as it were. In fact, I think I will add the
      following to the lexicon; IDUQ - inflatable down under-quilt. That
      is my mission at this time, if anyone else has any thoughts or ideas,
      please feel free to jump on it. I will need all the help I can get!

      -Dylan Anderson

      P.S. Bill, where did you get the poly-tube from? I am sure that is
      answered somewhere on previous messages, but somehow I am missing it
      when I search past posts.
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