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  • jack_tier
    Sep 29, 2005
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      > wrote:
      > > The Nest and No sniveller are each filled to 2+ inches of Down
      > > last April...That puts their doubled up thickness at 4+ inches
      > > with Down shifted to the bottom in one quilt, will put 5+ on the
      > > bottom with 2+ on the sides...
      > DOH! That makes a difference. I guess my overstuff brings mine
      up to
      > that thickness, then.
      > I'll have to add a top blanket, but I'm gonna try to see how cold
      > can get with the underquilts, too.
      > I think I'm going to Yosemite for Columbus weekend...hoping to see
      > then.
      > > If three + inches on the bottom is your goal
      > Not really a goal, that's just the thickness of the DAM (2.8").
      > the ORM instead of the two underquilts would save a full pound and
      > about $150, too. (It's just that I already have the Nest/NS combo
      > test.)
      > Thanks for the info. Any idea how cold you could get with the
      > on bottom and ORM inside the hammock?

      Nest and No Sniveller on the bottom and Old Rag Mtn took me to 25
      degrees, piece of cake, at SORUCK on the river at NOC 25 Jan 05,
      slept 0001 to 0915 straight thru no nature calls, had a watch cap
      pulled over my eyes so I missed the morning arrival...warm as toast
      could have gone lower easy.

      PS. these were 1.5 inch Nest and NS and 2.5 inch Old Rag Mtn vs the
      current 2+ and 3+ inch thick models.

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