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  • Bill Fornshell
    Sep 29, 2005
      --- dlfrost_1 <dlfrost@...> Asked:
      "Have you ever used your homemade DAM on the ground
      and how did it hold up? Being able to reliably
      go-to-ground is one features of the commercial
      models." Doug Frost

      Hi Doug, My DAM started out as just an Air Mattress.
      I slept on it on the ground/floor a lot as I was
      testing various ways to close the open end after I
      inflated the Poly Tubes. The Poly Tubes I use are 2
      mil and are not fragile. The only problem I had was
      when my kittens played on it. I found a few little
      holes that I was able to seal with duct tape. I
      recommend carrying an extra Poly Tube and almost
      everyone carries duct tape.

      I am trying to arrange my life so I can do a hike this
      November/December. I want to start at Newfound Gap
      GSMNP and hike south on the AT. My plan is to go to
      Dicks Creek Gap. If I can go I will have to sleep in
      Shelters during the Smokies part. I will sleep on my
      DAM/Sleep System in the shelters and expect no
      problems with it. It may be to warm as this design
      was made with enough Down and Loft to go to "0"
      degrees F.

      My DAM/Down Sleep System is a lot like many of the
      Pad/Top Bag systems on the market but mine is lighter
      than most. I have a separate Down hood that can also
      be used if necessary. My Down Top Cover buttons to
      the DAM. Buttons are lighter and easier to attach
      than zippers.

      Bill in Texas - we are having a cold day today - high
      only 89 degrees F.

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