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10537Re: [Hammock Camping] Exped DAM

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  • jack_tier
    Sep 27, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "jwj32542" <jwj32542@y...>
      > Brian - I had read the BGT reviews, and they touched on the info
      > looking for but didn't really provide a lot of details...a mention
      > of using it in the HH, but that's about all. Thanks for the link,
      > though!
      > Bill - Below 30F is why I'm looking at the DAM. I figure I can do
      > it with underquilts, but I want to test the weight and bulk for
      > same warmth once it gets really cold.
      > - JRB Nest and NS - 42 oz, 7x7x14 stuffed, $400
      > - Exped DAM 7 - 35 oz, 5x12 stuffed, $150
      > -- SPE with pads - ~10 oz, plus the bulk of the CCF wings
      > The thing is, 2 underquilts give 3" of loft, just like the DAM 7
      > (2.8" fully inflated). And the bulk with the SPE wings makes them
      > about equal. However, according to Ed's site the DAM will get you
      > to 0F. (Youngblood says that hasn't been tested, but it's an
      > extrapolation.)
      > I don't think the 2 JRB's will get me to zero, but I don't know
      > for sure. I hope to find a place to test them both soon!
      > What's the coldest you've been in yours?
      > Thanks for the comments, guys! Anyone else want to post cold-
      > weather (below ~15F) results?


      The Nest and No sniveller are each filled to 2+ inches of Down since
      last April...That puts their doubled up thickness at 4+ inches and
      with Down shifted to the bottom in one quilt, will put 5+ on the
      bottom with 2+ on the sides...

      If three + inches on the bottom is your goal, the JRB Old Rag Mtn
      winter quilt which now has tabs for under quilt use and is is
      3+inches of 800pf and weighs just 24 oz...with the suspension system
      weight will total 26 oz...cost $ 267.... A much lighter and less
      expensive approach.

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