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10536Re: [Hammock Camping] Exped DAM

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  • richard_nisley
    Sep 27, 2005
      You have come up with a very intriguing concept! Your idea has the
      added benefit of having bottom insulation that is applicable if you
      have to go to the ground using the hammock as a bivy. The under
      quilts don't allow for this contingency.

      In hammocks like the HH, do you think that the approximately 3" of
      insulation under you may result in too confining of a top space?
      What hammock types are you going to test with? Do you think the
      wider Exped Dlx would eliminate the requirement for the SPE and
      closed cell foam wings?


      > Bill - Below 30F is why I'm looking at the DAM. I figure I can do
      > it with underquilts, but I want to test the weight and bulk for
      > same warmth once it gets really cold.
      > - JRB Nest and NS - 42 oz, 7x7x14 stuffed, $400
      > - Exped DAM 7 - 35 oz, 5x12 stuffed, $150
      > -- SPE with pads - ~10 oz, plus the bulk of the CCF wings
      > The thing is, 2 underquilts give 3" of loft, just like the DAM 7
      > (2.8" fully inflated). And the bulk with the SPE wings makes them
      > about equal. However, according to Ed's site the DAM will get you
      > to 0F. (Youngblood says that hasn't been tested, but it's an
      > extrapolation.)
      > I don't think the 2 JRB's will get me to zero, but I don't know
      > for sure. I hope to find a place to test them both soon!
      > What's the coldest you've been in yours?
      > Thanks for the comments, guys! Anyone else want to post cold-
      > weather (below ~15F) results?
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