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10513Re: Hammock Test

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  • Lenny Nichols
    Sep 23, 2005
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rat" <hogn8r2004@y...> wrote:
      >> I am in Austin, we are expected to have 90 MPH winds and lots of
      >> rain.
      >> You can bet I will be in my Hammock, I love the storms!

      > Corpus Christi might get 90mph, Austin won't. Sustained winds should
      > make it to 25mph, gusts a bit higher. I've been through a couple
      > hurricanes (edges) in San Antonio and it'd be extremely unusual for
      > high winds to make it all the way in from the coast. I think a
      > Category 1 (70+mph) hurricane in Austin would be unprecedented. Let
      > us know what really happens. And stay dry.

      I'm in the Austin area, too. I don't expect sustained winds higher
      than about 35 mph. The current forecast calls for highest sustained
      winds of only 15 to 20 mph. Of course if Rita meanders over here
      after landfall this could change, but that's not expected to happen.
      Currently it looks like Beaumont/Port Arthur are in for a very nasty

      I don't plan to test my hammock during whatever happens here this

      Lenny Nichols

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