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10469See ya' all in Hot Springs

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  • J.D. Hoessle
    Sep 18, 2005
      Well, I am totally excited about this coming weekend!

      Really looking forward to meeting some of you. Hopefully, there will
      be time to ask my zillion questions....<g>....

      Just for fun & giggles, I am contemplating bringing my LARGE
      grocery-store-produce-scale. Maybe we could have a contest for
      lighest and heaviest packs? ...hehehe! The winner/loser gets to
      carry the extra food next time out.

      Bought a used Bliss Silk a few months ago. Hung it in the back yard
      yesterday and then a HUGE DOWNPOUR hit - buckets & buckets of rain.
      No tarp... Left it hanging out there and about 10:30 AM today I went
      to check it. Dry! Bone Dry! Amazing stuff that silk... No wind,
      just a nice Sunday morning with temps 75-80 F and even the
      straps/folds/knots were all dry. I have never packed the Bliss - just
      got it to play around with... I will bring it to Hot Springs for
      those who may have an interest.

      Happy Trails,