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10458Re: [Hammock Camping] First night in a hammock...........suggestions?

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  • bjedge540
    Sep 16, 2005

      Thanks for the feedback. First hand experience always saves others
      from making similar mistakes. Guess I can just work with what I have
      for the time being.

      Thanks all, Barry

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Rat" <hogn8r2004@y...> wrote:
      > Barry,
      > I tried what you are describing when I was in Iraq. My hammock was
      > super wide (like 6 feet) and I wanted to cut down on the side sag.
      > folded the material in half, cut from the fold to the sides at an
      > angle, scrunched the bottom so the sides were straight, bunched,
      > gathered and whipped. Here is what happened:
      > 1) The sides were nice and tight, too tight really. Getting in was
      > okay (not as easy as a reguler hammock tho), but once I was in the
      > sides snaped together due to my weight in the bottom of the
      > Getting out was a pain, all my weight trying to keep the top
      > and me trying to push through it. You would think it wouldn't be
      > anymore difficult that getting out of a HH through the slit, same
      > principal sort of, but in the HH only your legs go through then
      > weight is lifted and it is easy to get the rst od the way out, in
      > this version your whole body (well about 2/3 anyway) has to go
      > through. I never could find the sweet spot, I eventually just used
      > side tie outs. I also found with this super wide hammock that the
      > more sag I put into it the flatter I could lay, to a point.
      > 2) I couldn't lay as flat either. Sometimes I kick m y feet over
      > edge to take the tension off of my knees. That is impossible in
      > type of hammock.
      > If the material you are tying keeps slipping after you have
      > it try this. I used a piece of non-slip drawer liner and wrapped
      > around the gathered hammock end and then whipped everything
      > together. I used zip ties to hold everything so I could get a good
      > tight whip.
      > I think someone also tried the catenary cut hammock (cat cut along
      > the sides), as I remember it didn't work very well either.
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