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  • RedsTanMenagerie@aol.com
    Sep 6, 2005
      I’m sorry I don’t have the emotional energy to rewrite this specifically
      for this list. I know it is somewhat of topic. Mr Buffalo bill (pack goat
      baby) was getting me back into the woods and it was auchuly threw him that I
      found the hammock hiking. I know a lot of you wrote me privatally interested in
      pack goats so I thought I’d tell you all what happened. Poor Mr buffalo
      loved sleeping under my hammock and we had been practicing lots with him and my
      service dog Tao who sleaps quite well in the hammock! I had hoped to take
      buffalo and Tao out camping in the woods this month for his first over night in
      the woods and get some more hours on my hammock. Mostly I’m crying to
      anyone and everyone as an emotional vent, sory if it is not apropreate. If it isn’
      t please erase it from the list.
      I havn’t been able to write much on the two goaty lists (packing and
      carting) but I wanted to tell everyone my devastating news and hopefully give
      everyone else a reason to hug there goaties tonight.
      To start I’ll retell everyone who I am to maybe log memories as to who I am.
      I am disabled as is my 7 year old son (well 7 in feb). I was an avid
      backcountry hiker until I became disabled. I was training my pack goat boy
      (buffalo bill) to be a pack goat for me so I could do long trips in the woods
      again. I also trained my girls for shorter day hikes (they are milking ladys, not
      hikers haha).
      I started with two Nubian girls I raised since babies (they would be 3 years
      old this feb). Missy was my first and she was even crate trained, potty
      trained, and lived in the house. She was just like a pet dog and was greatly
      loved. She got quite lonely being a lone goaty so we bought her her very own
      pet, Diamond, her cousin. We got Diamond to keep Missy company and they were
      an inseperable pair. They were quite bonded.
      January 31st and Febuary 3rd they had there first babies. Diamond first
      gave birth to 3 lovely babies. My dear friend and I were up all night guarding
      them from the cold out in the barn that first night. Soon after Missy had
      her two lovely babies. Again we were up with them, quite a bonding experance.
      Missy, soon after birth rejected Mr Buffalo Bill, choosing only her
      daughter Calamity Jane.
      I bottle fed Mr Buffalo and he lived in the house. He thinks he is a dog
      for this reason, is perfectly leash trained and crate trained and LOVES going
      for car rides! He began his pack training right away and has been making
      great progress for his age. We had plans to hike the 2 week long wonderland
      trail (he would be allowed to hike it because he is helping midigate my
      disabilitys) together in 2007.
      Fast forward in time To last Thursday morning (sep 1st) my son was rushed to
      the hospital for illness related to his disabilitys (for those medically
      smart he got lactic adidosis). We were discharged Saturday and coming home
      after dark I couldn’t find a puppy that was here on the farm. He was donated to
      be trained as a service dog but he wasn’t working out so I asked the owner
      to take him back and she agreed.
      The 6 month old GSD somehow got into the pasture area and massicured my
      goats. He has been around them since he was 3 months old and never damaged them,
      I would never have guessed he would take it this far! The first thing we
      saw was Missy my first ever goat laying flat on her side quietly crying. She
      was horribly attacked and dying. We put her down emediatally as there was
      nothing I could do for her.
      After that I turned my attention to Diamond (my other mamma goat). She was
      lying down but quiet and head up. Then I quickly realized she was badly
      hurt. She was cut up REAL bad and couldn’t stand. She was also freazing and in
      shock. We couldn’t pull up her temp with blankets. Those that know, know
      blankets radiate heet you give off and without any heet made there is nothing
      to warm the blanket, of course they stop wind too. We got her into my living
      room (yes it was a mess but worth trying to save her) and with towels
      rotating from the dryer and swaddling we pulled up her temp ( a maricle). I tended
      her wounds and was with her round the clock camping in my sleeping bag with
      her. If I left her side she cried and cried (she loved her people like we
      are part of the herd). I still remember how the penicillin ingections must
      have hurt, she cried and cried from them. They warned me it would hurt but I was
      still shocked. Despite round the clock treatment and wound clensings and
      care Diamond Passed Monday evening after a very long battle we hoped to win.
      Missy’s Daughter, Calamity Jane was also very badly attacked but the woulds
      were all laserations. It looks like she was attacked with a razor all over
      her body. Hundreds of cuts (literally) all over her body. She came out of
      shock much better and is recovering and expected to make a “full” recovery.
      She will be one giant scar and at this point I don’t know if she wil ever be
      breedable or milkable. She is now my only living doe and most likely unable to
      do the things I need from her, breed and milk.
      My son and I are both on disability with very small incomes so this was a
      huge blow. I was starting a goats milk soap side business with hopes to bring
      in a bit of money. They were dried off (no more milking) last month because
      my son was doing to much hospital time and my backup milker moved cross
      country. But I had plans on having them back in milk by January. Yes both my
      girls were pregnant when hey died. I use the milk for everything from milk
      drinking to yogert. It really helps stretch our food budget! I also sell the
      baby bucks they give me to cover there feed costs. So this has been a huge
      finantual blow!
      Buffalo and the other little buck I hadn’t sold yet were also attacked but
      not as badly. Buffalo is recovering fine but I am now facing the reality he
      may never be able to pack. His leg was ingured and he has wounds all over his
      pack area that are making scars. Even if his leg heels I worry his skin
      will not allow him to wear a pack.
      I really feel like someone stole the wind from my sails!!! I spent so much
      money trying to save my baby and she still died and to rub salt in the
      wounds the “renderer” wants $150 just to take them away and they resell my babys
      for dog food (how horrible is that for dog attack victims)!!!! The worst
      thing is that I allowed that animal on my land so it is my fault! Somehow it
      would have been easyer if a dog somehow dug under my fence and got them.
      The dog was taken away the next morning so at least my living babys are
      alive despite looking like whipping boys! I am now basically at a stand still
      with my goats, it looks like I lost my packer, and my only remaining
      (future) milker.
      I am sending the same message to both the lists and I’m sorry for the
      repeate. I don’t have the emotional energy to keep writing it over and over
      because it’s to sad. I am forwarding the same email to my two girl’s breeder.
      They are going to be heart broken to, they loved them to and came a number of
      times just to visit them. Missy was especially there favorite.
      Everyone hug your babies and make sure there safe!!!!!!!
      Melissa and Tao

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