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10338Re: [Hammock Camping] Newbie Question

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  • Rick
    Sep 6, 2005

      I have been watching the answers given so far. They are pretty good.

      I am not sure that I have seen people mention two other methods to stay
      warm, even in the winter months. The first is to have quilt material
      hanging against the hammock from the outside. It can be quilted
      directly through the hammock bottom to keep it against you. Just make
      sure to make a couple darts in the perimeter of the quilt to let it hang
      loosely once the hammock stretches.

      The second way to make a pad go much lower in temperature is to put a
      layer of something outside it to keep the wind from blowing the heat off
      the outside surface of the pad. There are several methods to do this.
      The first one introduced was Ed Speer' Pea Pod. I introduced the
      homemade TravelPod which is a single layer of cloth. Ray Garlington
      introduced the Taco Shell specifically for the Hennessy Hammock. Now
      JackRBetter and Hennessey have introduced cold weather systems for the
      Hennessey Hammock Line.

      My page on the Travel pod is here:


      My homemade hammock that has quilt material directly in the hammock is
      the WarmHammock:


      By spring, I should have a book completed with detailed drawings and
      explanation for building all my gear that will improve on my web pages.
      If you are still looking for an answer by then, I will be mentioning its
      publication here.

      Rick (Risk)

      rwattenbach@... wrote:

      > Thanks guys. I understand a little better now. When spring gets here
      > I'll be out at the park working it out.
      > Becky
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