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10333Re: Hammock pad thickness

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  • Dave Womble
    Sep 6, 2005
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      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Dennis Rowell"
      > <rowelldennis@y...> wrote:
      > > ...35 degrees... 3/8" blue foam pad...almost froze my back - how
      > thick
      > Thicker than 3/8", apparently ;-)
      > I made it all night down to 35 with a 3/4 inch pad. I think I am a
      > cold sleeper. I was wearing a bunch of clothes. Every now and
      then a
      > part of my body would touch the hammock where the pad wasn't, and I
      > would get a cold spot. I'd recommend the SPE or something that
      > accomplishes the same thing, and a 1" pad would probably be nice.
      > Bill in Houston

      Thin closed cell foam (ccf) pads only slightly alter the comfort of a
      hammock as they still bend and flex enough to follow the contours of
      your body. When you stack them or use thick solid ccf pads they are
      more rigid and don't flex as well. Over a half inch is where I draw
      the line but this is an individual preference/tolerane type of
      thing. For me it can cause a sore tush on those long 14+ hour winter
      nights that starts after 10 continuous hours on them. This is where
      certain models of Them-a-Rest pads like the RidgeRest work well for
      me. The regular RidgeRest at 5/8" thick is very flexible and has
      indentations that adds cushioning, I use a 3/4 length one on top of
      another 3/8" ccf pad in my SPE for 20 degree weather unless I want to
      use a self inflating pad. At some point as temperatures drop, weight
      vs pack bulk vs comfort starts making the self inflating open cell
      foam pads look more attractive. I haven't noticed any discomfort
      problems with the self inflating pads. I haven't been in a position
      to chose whether or not to incorporate self inflating pads since I
      have been in the position of field testing an array of pads with the

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