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10308Re: Re: [Hammock Camping] GPS UTM coordinates

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  • RevT
    Sep 1, 2005
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      OK. Let me think about it. I have some stuff at home (I'm not there now
      unfortunatly, but will be Fri afternoon.) I have some notes about UTM from
      some old SAR stuff.

      Most of the MiI I know uses MGRS (Military Grid Refernce System)so make sure
      you have the same coords.

      Off hand I would think that each box could be (should be) broken down into
      10ths. Try dividing it out by ten.

      I have some emails on it I can search now. BRB


      On 9/1/05, tjarrell@... <tjarrell@...> wrote:
      > Brian,
      > Thanks for the offer, but the Garmin will accept UTM coordinates, that
      > isn't the problem. The problem is trying to determine an accurate UTM
      > coordinate inside the grid reference box.
      > Say a peak like the "Priest" is inside a grid bounded 40-45 on the left
      > and right, and 85-90 bottom to top. I can't figure out how to measure the
      > distance from the left side and up from the bottom to come up with the UTM
      > coordinates. If it was a LAT/LONG grid I could measure the physical distance
      > and use LAT scale to calculate the LAT/LONG. I learned here at work that
      > LAT/LONG isn't accurate enough, so the armed forces have gone to UTM with
      > the goal of getting down to 'rain drop' accuracy. (Granted the hole will be
      > bigger than the drop, but boy can we measure accurately - smile.)

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