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10303Re: [Hammock Camping] Silk Hammocks

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Hi Ray,

      To the question of a Silk Hammock. The silk hammock
      Ed Speer made for me (I think it must now be about 2
      years ago) is still doing fine. Sorry to hear about
      the mysterious hole in yours. I plan to make another
      one out of lighter silk. My weight is down to under
      150 pound so I will try some 4.5mm/0.57oz per sq yard

      I made my first alcohol soda can stove a few days
      ago. I went with your YACC stove. It was very easy
      to make and burned OK. Since then however I have
      changed to a different design idea and yesterday stove
      #4 boiled 16oz of water to a rolling boil in less than
      3 minutes. The stove weighed 0.25oz but used a wire
      stove stand. The wire stand weighs 0.50oz. This boil
      test was a more or less controlled boil on the floor
      of my kitchen.

      I am going back to the small wood stove I made a few
      years ago and see if I can up-grade the basic design
      idea. That stove was less than 8oz and really burned
      great. The weight does not count the battery used for
      the small fan.

      Bill in Texas

      --- Ray Garlington <rgarling@...> wrote:

      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "dlfrost_1"
      > <dlfrost@a...>
      > wrote:
      > >... Is
      > > silk any more prone to absorbing moisture than
      > nylon or poly?
      > Yes, it seems to absorb some moisture; however, it
      > dries very
      > quickly and feels very nice against the skin. I
      > notice this when
      > packing early on a cool morning and there is some
      > condensation
      > inside the GI shell (I'm still using sil nylon for
      > that).
      > >Now
      > > that you've been using it a while, how's it
      > holding up to wear and
      > > tear?
      > The nylon is very light and strong. The only problem
      > I've had is
      > that some substance dripped on the silk (bird
      > droppings?) and looks
      > like it burned a couple of holes through the fabric.
      > The fabric
      > darkened and the center portion disintegrated in a
      > couple of spots.
      > I suppose it could also have been an actual burn,
      > not sure...
      > Despite the holes the fabric has not torn. Since
      > silk sews very
      > easily, it seems like this could be effectively
      > patched.

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