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10301GPS UTM coordinates

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  • tjarrell@cox.net
    Sep 1, 2005
      I need some help with new technology. I was given a Garmin eTrek and plan on using it next week on the AT (at the Priest) here in Central Virginia. The PATC maps I bought have the GPS grid laid on them at 5KM increments. How do I determine accurate coordiantes in order to enter waypoints?

      I posed this question to my co-workers (all retired military) and they used in the service an overlay tool that had the grid broken down into smaller blocks. All you do is lay the tool (grid) over the map and count off the numbers until you have your waypoint. Due to the scale of the maps (1:62,500) none of their tools will work.

      I'm trying to make my own tool by hand drawing lines inside a document protector, but physically the nearly 3 inch (77mm) grids don't divide by 5 very well. I'm sure I'd get with throwing distance to my points, but if someone has already broken the code then why reinvent the wheel?

      I flew all over the world using lat/long, but there are no lat/long marks on the maps so I can't use a translation program.

      You all are the masters of the quick, easy and simple solution - so someone should have run this issue to ground already.

      Tom in Virginia Beach
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