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  • tim garner
    Aug 31, 2005
      doug... good info & i hadn`t seen ray`s photos. yep i was begining to think that i would have less stretching w/ webbing just serving as tree huggers & rope to hammock. and i`m glad to hear that the poly webbing will stretch less. what size spectra rope do most people use? thanks...slowhike

      dlfrost_1 <dlfrost@...> wrote:--- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "slowhike" <slowhike@y...>
      > i just bought 10 yards of 1" webbing from wall mart. it`s grey &
      > looks (& cost ) same as risk shows on his test hammock. anyway,
      > been using 1" webbing i got from the local outfitters (seems to be
      > little lighter weight). it goes from hammock to & around tree. a
      > couple times i used trees that were a little farther apart than
      > & had quite a bit of stretching going on. the new (slightly heaver)
      > webbing may not stretch as much if i find myself needing to use two
      > trees a little father apart, but i`m wondering if i could tye w/
      > distance if need be, w/ rope going from hammock to tree hugger &
      > less stretch than webbing? and if so what size/type rope would
      > suggest? thanks...slowhike

      The poly webbing you got at WalMart should stretch out to it's final
      length after the first few hangings and stay that way. Nylon webbing
      will stretch gradually throughout the night and then recover after
      you exit the hammock ("memory stretch"). Which is why we avoid
      nylon. (It's also heavier.)

      Lots of folks are using the Spectra line along with straps just long
      enough to get around the most common trees in their areas. It sets
      up pretty much like the Hennessey. Garlington's Silk Hammock page
      shows one example.

      Keep in mind that the farther away the trees are from the hammock the
      higher up on the trunk you'll be tying the straps in order to
      maintain the same hanging angle. So how high you can practically
      reach imposes a limit there.

      Doug Frost

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