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10286hammock hanging question

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  • slowhike
    Aug 30, 2005
      i just bought 10 yards of 1" webbing from wall mart. it`s grey &
      looks (& cost ) same as risk shows on his test hammock. anyway, i`ve
      been using 1" webbing i got from the local outfitters (seems to be a
      little lighter weight). it goes from hammock to & around tree. a
      couple times i used trees that were a little farther apart than normal
      & had quite a bit of stretching going on. the new (slightly heaver)
      webbing may not stretch as much if i find myself needing to use two
      trees a little father apart, but i`m wondering if i could tye w/ more
      distance if need be, w/ rope going from hammock to tree hugger & have
      less stretch than webbing? and if so what size/type rope would yall
      suggest? thanks...slowhike
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