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10188Re: [Hammock Camping] keeping pack and boots dry

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  • dcarm1@comcast.net
    Aug 21, 2005
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      The garbage bag method will work, however, I have found that the extra cost of trash compacter bags is worth it. They are very tough and in the middle of a downpour is not the time to find that you have inadvertently poked a hole in yout bags.


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      Hello! I'm new here too.. just invested in an HH (i would have got the
      Speer, but Ed is not producing any right now!) and am wondering how
      people solve the problem of keeping a pack and boots/shoes dry when the
      ground is wet and there is rain. Where I live in Canada, we don't get
      lots of drizzle, we seem to just get huge thunderstorms followed by
      periods of calm. Staying dry has been difficult my last few times out,
      and I hope the HH can help me personally stay dry- but my pack? I am
      figuring to just put it under me in a garbage bag. Also, another
      question, unrelated to hammocks: where do you hang your food when the
      trees around you are too thin-limbed to hold a bag? Ideas are
      appreciated. Rob

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