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  • Carl Iobst
    Aug 20, 2005
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      Welcome to our hammock camping forum. I believe you
      have made an excellent choice of the H&H. Ed Speer
      makes great hammocks also. Feel free to ask any
      questions. Whiteblaze.net has an excellent hammock
      forum also.

      --- fugglesrastus <fugglesrastus@...> wrote:

      > Hello
      > I am a new member to Hammock Camping. I am in New
      > Zealand. I have
      > ordered a Hennessey Explorer Delux Asym with Hex fly
      > and snake skins.
      > Should take about another 2 weeks to arrive to NZ.
      > I am into cycle touring and wanted a more
      > comfortable sleeping system
      > than my tent, Hate the hard ground, gives my back
      > hell!!!
      > Hopefully the Hammock will ease this problem for me.
      > Hopefully most
      > Camping grounds that I will visit next summer will
      > have suitable trees
      > for hangging the hammock.
      > I allso do some easy tramping tracks, so this will
      > shave 2kg of my
      > pack weight. When I am cycling my pack is simply
      > inside a waterproof
      > bag on my home made 2 wheeled cycling trailer.
      > Any how Thanks for takeing the time to read my Post.
      > Cheers Heather

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