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10101Re: August 2005 Issue of Hammock Camping News now available

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  • Ed Speer
    Aug 10 3:23 PM
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      For those who missed the August issue of my Hammock Camping
      Newsletter, it's now posted free online at:


      In fact, all past newsletters are posted there as well.

      What an adventure the past 11 days have been! Both of my hammock
      web sites froze immediately after I posted the Aug Newsletter on Jul
      31st! I was then gone for a few days, but when I returned I found
      messages from several List folks who couldn't find the newsletter.
      Thus began a hair-pulling, nail-bitting saga that hopefully is now
      over! I've dumped my old server and moved both web sites to a new
      one, hopefully with better technical support. My old server was
      making 'upgrades' to their service which resulted in my web sites
      becoming inaccessible to me for updating. After a week of fighting
      with them, I cancelled and moved to a new server. I'm happy to
      report that both web sites are now back up and running just fine.
      Sorry for the inconvenience--thanks for bearing with me....Ed

      Moderator, Hammock Camping List
      Author, Hammock Camping The Complete Guide
      Editor, Hammock Camping News
      Owner, Speer Hammocks Inc
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