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  • The Szymanek's
    We are not however creating energy, or breaking the first law of thermodynamics. Understand that gravity and magnetism are simply manifestations of aether. So
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2000
      We are not however creating energy, or breaking the first law of
      thermodynamics. Understand that gravity and magnetism are simply
      manifestations of aether. So tapping either of the forces is tapping the
      aether, which is basically a infinite power source (can't drain it). You
      not creating energy, you just getting it from a massive, endless power
      source. The aether is what holds the matter together, it is the source
      of all forces, and the universe runs on it. Its about time man starts
      using it...
      SMOT is simply using a special system to use a magnet to lift the ball,
      but still be able to clear the magnet. If you drop a ball to the earth,
      you will have to apply the same amount of energy to lift it back up.
      Same with a magnet. The weird thing with SMOT is that the magnets lift
      the ball up, yet at the top, gravity (which has been worked against by
      the magnet) is strong enough to pull it back down. This the whole idea
      of regauging. In theory (mainstream of course) the magnetic force should
      have to be stronger than gravity to get the ball at the top, and
      therefor shouldn't drop it. But as I and others have seen, this is not
      true, it does work. Of course the problem that needs to be solved with
      SMOT is to make a self-running system, as the linear ones stop.
      The Hamel machines don't use spin, simply vibrations. A resonate air
      vortex is formed. It is very different from SMOT. The cones are always
      out of phase, and seeking to return to center. As each cone moves back
      to the center, it also throws the other cones off center again. Each
      cone continues to disrupts the others, and they will never stop
      vibrating (if everything is correct, ie. proper balance and geometry).
      SMOT moves a ball bearing, 3 cone devices create a high energy space
      vortex which one can pull massive power from. They both use aether, but
      in very different ways.
      PS- I haven't had time to work on the M3CD2 lately, we have been haying.
      Hopefully the weather will stay good and we can get the rest here baled,
      and then I will get them cones' behaving!

      Mike Morrissey wrote:
      > How naive are scientists to say that perpetual motion can not be
      > achieved? It can be. I base this on one simple fact. A magnet CAN do
      > work. If you place an object in the field of a magnet and let go, the
      > object moves to the magnet. That is the work. Once it is
      > there, no work is being done, obviously. But the motion shows work.
      > Also gravity can do work. If you drop an object within gravity's
      > field, it drops. It moves down until
      > it is stopped by the floor.
      > The problem is that earths gravity field is not escapable unless you
      > fly to low earth orbit! Plus, it is much stronger than any
      > magnet. For that reason, you must use only a portion of the work
      > available from gravity. You can do this by building on a slope, as in
      > the SMOT. This splits the gravity vector into 2 vectors, one
      > perpendicular to the plane of the surface and the other parallel to
      > it. The slope angle you use will be just enough to tap the right
      > ammount of gravity to balance the parallel vector with the magnets
      > you are using.
      > I think then this angle is similar to the ammount of 'tilt' that a
      > cone experiences in the Hamel drum. The nice part about the Hamel
      > drum is, as it accelerates, gaining momentum, the cones are self
      > adjusting. The tilt gets less and less, as the momentum gets higher
      > and higher, because less and less gravity is needed to maintain the
      > cycle.
      > In other words, you have two sources of potential, and therefore,
      > perpetual motion can be achieved. A river and gravity work together
      > to create perpetual motion in a waterwheel. Using magnets instead of
      > water is just a little bit tougher to balance.
      > Mike Mo.
      > PS--Ever notice how a little tornado forms in the bathtub when you
      > drain it? I bet the cones need to spin the right direction depending
      > on which hemisphere you live in! Also, if you could measure the angle
      > of one of these little tornados, and then adjust it for the
      > hydrostatic pressure pushing in on it by the surrounding water, you
      > will get the proper shape and mass orientation for a cone in the
      > Hamel drum. Just a thought!
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