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Re: My Names Travis !

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  • Ole Jensen <ole_thor@yahoo.ca>
    Travis, I can understand your frustration with the progress of the project, I feel much the same way. I tried to go about formulating a real project based
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 18, 2003
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      I can understand your frustration with the progress of the project,
      I feel much the same way. I tried to go about formulating a real
      project based structure that would allow us to work on small parts
      of the collection of issues, and post the information in a
      consistent manner.

      go read msg # 7518 and a few hundred responses to that suggestion.
      some other key ones - 7533, 7547, 7551, 7552 and many more.
      some people were interested and others wanted to control how things
      went. not much has come out of that flurry of activity.

      I get the impression that everyone wants the information,
      some for themselves, some so that they can understand.
      A number of people want others to do the work
      to get it, so they can assess the information and
      decide if it is worth bothering to get into. It has
      taken me a long time to get to understand what
      Mr Hamel's technology means. I have tried to pass
      on as much of that information as possible.

      "IT SEEMS" like there are people in the group whose
      sole purpose is to disrupt and confuse our work.
      it seems that some are trained to do this,
      and that others are just able to do it by being
      themselves - idiots. we have been through a few
      cycles where the idiots have been banned, but we have not
      eliminated the ones that know how to do this properly,
      quietly and effectively. It causes members to give
      up banging their heads against the wall in frustration
      and they just don't participate. some of the early
      pioneers in this technology now only post a few
      times in many months, probably because of this.

      There are of course real down to earth reasons why
      people can't contribute to the project on a regular
      basis (not financially, or physically). everyone
      has a life to lead, a job (or school) to complete.
      Most of us have others that rely on them to put bread
      on the table and take out the garbage etc. all of
      these issues can be overcome by breaking the job
      down into pieces that people can take on individually
      and those that are too big for 1 person, can have
      a team. Those that require money, we will all have to
      kick in what we can. Most people can collect a few
      coins each day or week and send them off once a month
      to Mr Hamel. every little bit helps.

      If you really want to give this job a kick start,
      then take on the project management task and go
      to it. the real supporters of Hamel technology will
      kick in and help when there is a plan for what to do
      and how to present it.


      --- In hameltech@yahoogroups.com, "Travis <Caesar2001_2000@Y...>"
      <Caesar2001_2000@Y...> wrote:
      > Ok guys, my names Travis and im a newbie. I DO in fact understand
      > what u guys say, and it helps very much. And i live in michigan,
      > who-ever asked. Grand Rapids.
      > Why is everyone so easily answering questions, and willing to help
      > on the forums, but were not really getting anywhere.
      > Guys, if there was ANYTHING i could do right now, and i mean
      > ANYTHING; it would be to somehow motivate you guys, and give this
      > project a huge jumpstarting kick in the *ss. I want NOTHING more
      > than for us to get togethor and work on this. read my lips,
      > NOTHING. What can we do, level with me guys.
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