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  • Timothy
    ... Hi Mike... a gauss (spelled?) meter is a very simple devise... the ones I have used were old and I had to rebuild them... I devised my own... simple
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 11, 2003
      --- Mike Thierfelder <mikethierfelder@...>
      > Also, I've read several posts and on the
      > internet about the magnet
      > strength tester that Hamel has created or
      > bought. Does anyone know
      > where one can find one, or how to build one?
      > It seems like a good piece
      > of equipment, and important too for making the
      > generator balanced
      > magnetically.

      Hi Mike... a gauss (spelled?) meter is a very
      simple devise... the ones I have used were old
      and I had to "rebuild" them... I devised my
      own... simple mechanical gauss meter...
      all I needed was to match magnets and check
      this is all we need for Hameltech too...
      just take a small magnet, a length of music
      wire... and two scraps of wood/plastic...
      The music wire is the spring and the magnet is
      your variable weight...
      here is how I built mine... I used a piece of
      heavy card stock and a small piece of spruce...
      had these on hand... the card is about two inches
      by five inches... not critical... and the spruce
      block is 1/4 x1/4 x 1/2 inch... just a scrap...
      I drilled and glued the spruce to one end of the
      card and put a piece of music wire (.001) into
      the predrilled hole in the spruce block... then I
      put the magnet on the wire using a small piece of
      thread and a dab of glue... the wire comes oil
      coated to the glue does not stick well to it
      allowing me to slide the magnet up and down the
      wire... the wire is the full length of the card
      (5 inches)... I dew a series of lines to give a
      scale on the card and by placing the magnet over
      the magnet I wish to check it flexes/bends the
      wire either up or down...
      this tells me two things... relative strength and
      and was virtually free to build...
      let me know if this helps...

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