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Re: [hameltech] strange effects

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  • Timothy
    Criticism is fine... I have not seen anyone s sinking their life s savings into these... I have seen people spend a few hundred... maybe a couple of thousand
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 7, 2002
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      Criticism is fine...

      I have not seen anyone's sinking their life's
      savings into these... I have seen people spend a
      few hundred... maybe a couple of thousand
      Most people who smoke, spend more that on their
      drugs(cigs) every year...

      There is one very positive aspect to any
      experiment involving the mind... and the hands...

      A mind once expanded by a thought never quite
      shrinks to it original proportions again...

      The only real �nut� about this technology is Mr
      Hamel himself... and he hurts no one... In fact
      he seems like my kind of guy... real nice to be
      around with a real vision and zest for life...

      I have been involved with this for a wile now...
      and I see that if we can explain it all then we
      gain!!! simple as that... :)

      The skills are... well any work you do with your
      hands is good work... Men, belong in the workshop
      creating... not in front of the TV turning into

      P.S. I would like to expand on this simple little
      thing with cost... I keep reminding my wife of
      this every time I need a few bucks to keep me
      busy in the workshop :)
      If I were to smoke... I don�t... but IF... I
      would probably smoke a pack of cigs a day... here
      on the west coast they are about $3.45 a pack...
      that is $3.45X 365 days a year... that is roughly
      $1,200.00 a year that I would blow up in smoke!!!
      That is a lot of fun money... claim it for
      yourself guys... Just remember to allow her to
      claim it as well... (The math works good with
      starbucks coffee as well.. LOL)

      --- smokarose <smokarose@...> wrote:
      > I have been working with these "Hamel" devices
      > for 2 years now and
      > have come to a conclusion. The "strange
      > effects" that do occur in say
      > a 45GD are all very explainable. The
      > "shimmering" of the cones and
      > the sparks emmited are due to nothing more than
      > slight changes in the
      > temperature around the device. I really hate to
      > see you guys wasting
      > so much time on a pipe dream. Trust me when I
      > say that David Hamel
      > will fail at any attempt to launch his ship
      > because it is just not
      > possible. Yes it may spark and cause television
      > interference but it
      > simply will not fly. And as for planet
      > Kladen....well Nasa has mapped
      > our solar system quite well and there seems to
      > be no Kladen or any
      > other mysterious planet on the other side of
      > the sun. I am not trying
      > to be an ass here. Just don't invest to much
      > time or money into this
      > thing and set yourselves up for a great
      > dissapointment.

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