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Re: Healing Influences

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  • justbuzz2001@yahoo.com
    Justin In the the book The Krono s Cronicles ...it says that the best results are under the pyramid...in it a guy tried the 1/3 level and didn t get much as
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      In the the book "The Krono's Cronicles"...it says that the best
      results are under the pyramid...in it a guy tried the 1/3 level and
      didn't get much as results...then he tried underneath it as the
      author said would work. It put living creatures in hibernation and
      kept fruit and meat fresh for weeks

      --- In hameltech@y..., jszymanek2000@y... wrote:
      > Hi!
      > Vibration is a key to healing. Actually really everything is
      > vibration. All energy is, and matter is sorta too. Things like RIFE
      > use vibration to kill viruses etc. But really everything boils down
      > vibration.
      > > Another thing I have heard that can heal are pyramids near or
      over your
      > > body. Does anyone have any more information (links) on this
      > I have some information up on my website regarding pyramids.
      > http://www.geocities.com/undergsci/
      > I don't have information on healing in particular, but there are
      > instructions for building you own pyramid, and my experimental
      > results. I haven't done controlled experiments with healing, but I
      > would say that it might help, and hey it can't hurt to try!
      > The big thing is be at 1/3 of the height of the pyramid for best
      > > People will use magnets for healing purposes as well. Does anyone
      > have more
      > > information (links) on this? For example my wife has rumatoid
      > arthritis so I
      > > made her a band of magnets to put around her ankles and wrists.
      > reported
      > > she could feel the sensation in her ankle and the pain went away
      so she
      > > decided to try it on her wrist and went to bed. She said it caused
      > > sleeplessness and if she did sleep she had strange dreams almost
      > > hallucinations. I feel like this could help her if I used it right
      > but would
      > > like to talk to someone who has had more experience at it or with
      > > frequencies or pyramids and such.
      > I haven't used magnetic alone for healing purposes, but in
      > with other things (like PE beamers). Your wife's experiance doesn't
      > surprise me much. The first time you sleep under and pyramid, or in
      > PE beam, orgone, or basically anything that emits energy
      > and weird dreams are common. Everyone (including me) who has
      > experimented with these thing has experianced this. The first time I
      > slept under a pyramid, it felt like I was awake all night. I did
      > some, and vivid dreams occurred. I was kinda mad at my pyramid (this
      > was a cheops pyramid built from cardboard 8" square base hangin from
      > my roof above my bed) because I didn't sleep so well. But I felt
      > pretty good the next day which surprised me. I stuck with it, and
      > next night I slept quite well. It seems that your body needs to get
      > use to it, and after that it is helpful.
      > One of my buddies tried pyramids as well, and he was quite angry the
      > next day at how bad he slept. I was glad I was talking to him on the
      > phone (and not in person) that day! The next day he called again,
      > was very happy that I had told him about it. He claims the pyramid
      > maintains his health, as he only gets sick when not sleeping under
      > When my mom tryed a neon beamer (magnet with neon bulb taped to the
      > from) she also didn't sleep well, and never would try it again. I am
      > sure if she did she would sleep fine. It seems to be a common
      > After the ONE bad night of sleep, it seems to never happen again.
      > when trying different devices that make different kinds of energy.
      > Since playing with pyramids I experimented with PE beams. There was
      > sleep disruption, but vivid dreams. However after a few nights the
      > dreams aren't vivid anymore. Same with pyramids. Another example is
      > something I have done in the past few weeks. I have found benefit in
      > putting a piece of clear quartz under my pillow when I sleep. Very
      > deep, restful sleep. Feel really good the next day. The most vivid
      > dreams I have probably every had, but not particularly pleasant. It
      > was like this for a week, and now has stopped. I also had vivid
      > for the first week when using a krypton probe on my forehead.
      > So in time, you body adjusts. It absorbs the energy, but the effects
      > on sleep and dreams seem to fade very quickly.
      > I think you wife's case is the same thing. I would bet if she tries
      > again she will sleep much better. There might be some secondary
      > effects for a few days, but not for long.
      > I don't really see magnets as producing strong enough energy fields
      > be dangerous (re: previous post in this thread), but if you want to
      > be cautious just increase the diameter of the bands, and put
      > non-magnetic around the ankles and wrists and then the bands on top.
      > If you put some distance between the magnets and skin the fields
      > be much weaker in the body.
      > I would personally incourage you to try again. Add some spacing if
      > you'd like. One other thing, with magnets you should use the North
      > pole on the body and not the South (in most cases). So your rings
      > should be north inwards. South can have some negative side effects
      > some cases. From what I have read, magnets are good for arthritis.
      > Also anothering thing I would really recommend for arthritis is
      > MSM. You can get it at Wal-Mart or other places that sell herbs and
      > stuff like that. MSM is VITAL for the body to build and repair. And
      > thanks to food processing and as well as nitrogen based fertilizers,
      > it is very much missing in our diets. It is often the cause of
      > like this, or a contributing factor.
      > Did you have all one pole or the other inwards for the first test? I
      > am curious, because I might try this myself. Just to see what
      > Also my mom has carpole tunnel (sp?) and I have been thinking about
      > building her a device with magnets. So let me know how things go.
      > -Justin
      > > Thanks all
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