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Re: [hameltech] God has just ADVISED us Re Antigravity and will HELP!! See BOMBSHELL201X.com

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  • jsmth531
    Yes Gregor,,,,,thats all that is important,, the Science Rick,,,Please
    Message 1 of 7 , May 13, 2013
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      Yes Gregor,,,,,thats all that is important,,"""the Science'''


      Joe in Texas (out-of-town,,for a few weeks at the beach house,,no internet)

      On Mon, 13 May 2013 07:06:13 -0700 (PDT), gregor dwyer <countstroker@...> wrote:


      rick tell us about what you have figured out and understand......
      thats all thats important......."the science"

      --- On Mon, 5/13/13, rick_crandall_phd <ProofGodExists@...> wrote:

      From: rick_crandall_phd <ProofGodExists@...>
      Subject: [hameltech] God has just ADVISED us Re Antigravity and will HELP!! See BOMBSHELL201X.com
      To: hameltech@yahoogroups.com
      Received: Monday, May 13, 2013, 7:07 AM


      Please check out the Horrifying thing that GOD has just done to
      me in 2012. He says the APOCALYPSE is NOT over.
      FYI, I advised David Hamel in 2003 to read my book on ANTIGRAVITY
      PROPULSION THEORY, and he Refused to do that and said to just
      "Leave Him the Hell alone"! This was even though I had put
      HIS PICTURE and his STORY as ONE WHOLE CHAPTER in my book,
      "They All Told The Truth: The Antigravity Papers".

      I have recently discovered, SCIENTIFICALLY (via Physics), that
      we are living in a CREATION, which has been ARTIFICIALLY
      CREATED (by, guess who, GOD).

      I ALSO now understand exactly how David Hamel felt when God would place images and ideas in his head, because recently, GOD has done the SAME THING to me, just as Hamel had described it!!

      God told me ALL about antigravity, in 2012, and everything we will finally NEED to ACTUALLY make it really WORK!! This is a very NEW thing. And, God plans to feed and house all the Homeless people.
      And, we will be getting Free-electricity, also.

      According to God, I have been the one who has recently discovered the VERY LAST Bible Code in the Christian bible, which is in the Book of Revelation! It is the key to unlocking EVERYTHING.

      God said that EVERY single person (almost) on Earth first needs to believe that HE exists, and THEN he can come in and help us with His List of MANY Promises that he related to me.

      The World will NEVER forget what has just happened to me, and it is going to change EVERYTHING for us all. [eventually, but sooner the better]

      Please, please check out www.BOMBSHELL201X.com and feel free to also comment, with any kindly and Constructive comments, on the corresponding Facebook page (listed there).

      Have a blessed day, and long-time-no-see,
      Rick Crandall
      Author of "They All Told The Truth: The Antigravity Papers".
      www.TheyAllToldTheTruth.com [Hamel is the Star of this Book!!]

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