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Re: [hameltech] 11112: Alright, I'm going to build it.

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  • Andrew J. Kenney
    Dev in PA, I know there hasn t been an update from you in awhile so, don t know if you are still pursuing this.  We all know how life can intrude on our
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 21, 2012
      Dev in PA,

      I know there hasn't been an update from you in awhile so, don't know if you are still pursuing this.  We all know how "life" can intrude on our hobby time at the most in-opportune times.  Lord knows "life" has been hard for me the past few months looking for new contracts and such.

      Anyway, I've been following this group for the past few years.  I haven't tried any of the projects myself but, have hopes that someday I can.  I came across something recently that may be able to help you and others.  There is a potentially disruptive new technology just starting to pick up steam in most developed countries.  It's called 3D Printing and may be able to help you, and others, in your manufacturing processes of the cones and such.  There are a number of 3D Printing service providers who can manufacture the parts you need based on CAD files of your designs.  I don't know the costs of these services but, I think it's worth checking on.  Apparently, they can manufacture items out of certain polymers, ceramics and metals with tolerances down in the 0.1mm range (.004").

      Also, if you're so inclined, there are 3D Printers available for SOHO use.  Some are from manufacturers and some come in a "kit" form and, depending on the type and what substance you want to print with, range from about US$500 - US$2500.  Rather than me retyping everything, the industry site to visit for info is:


      You'll find links to service providers, various types/brands of printers, and lots of videos showing the technique and new products.  I urge all to check it out.  Good luck to all!



      joesmith@... said the following on Thursday, 29 March, 2012 07:58 PM:

      Dev in Pa,,,Sounds like you have a handle on it already,,,I can understand

      the need of  small models,,,have you given any thoughts to the WIS yet?

      The reason I ask is that I saw a device that might work,,then again it,,,

      might NOT work,,,watching it in action shure made me think of a WIS,,,

      You   may rest assured the entire Hamel community is behind you.


      Wildcat Joe in Texas

      On Tue, 20 Mar 2012 06:36:59 -0400, Ole Jensen <ole_thor@...> wrote:


      Dev in PA,
      I want to congratulate you on your decision to try something.
      Not many people have. Mine is still in pieces and boxes waiting for time.

      I think that everyone who has talked to Mr Hamel in the past about
      a "mini" version of the 3 cone device can recall his response (note caps)
      He was very specific about that. The smallest he ever intended
      was in a 45 Gallon drum (55 in the USA).

      Tom was successful, but had some personal difficulties which prevented
      him from continuing to communicate with us.

      I know for sure that Steve Dufresne took his whole setup to show it to Mr Hamel
      and they discussed it at length. I suggest that you look carefully at what Steve
      did and documented.

      I wish you luck in your efforts and keep us posted. There are a few people here
      who have made progress and I think will help with whatever advice they can
      from their personal discussions with Mr Hamel.

      If you can obtain a copy of the book "The Word Made Manifest Through Sacred Geometry"
      by Bob Thomas, it will help you a great deal.


      On 3/19/2012 8:06 PM, intuit0001 wrote:


      I've decided I'm going to give the 3cd another shot. More than one, if
      that's what it takes. Be warned that I'm going to try to make the
      record here as complete as possible, so my posts are gonna get
      long-winded. I type fast, so I can crank out a lotta babble right

      I've been digging around in all the old info, here in the group and out
      there in the interweb. The device I linked to in the previous thread
      is still the best all-around example of success I can find. There have
      been more spectacular claims (implosion) made by other builders, like
      Chris Felton, but none as well-documented.

      The unit I'm most interested in was built by hameltech member Tom, last
      name unknown. He has a folder in the files section named 'Tom2', and
      the other member who verified the machine's function also set up a
      folder in the file section - folder named gumboots2u.

      At the same time that Tom was reporting success, another member - Brian
      Keohi was also reporting some success. Unfortunately there seems to
      be no independent substantiation of Keohi's progress, or text/photo
      details of his construction.

      Two more factors incline me to use Tom's device as the model for my own
      project. First, his posts reveal him to be an astute and patient
      observer who explored this field with humble curiosity and intelligence.
      Second, he was privileged to work personally with David Hamel in Hamel's
      shop. He wasn't the only one, I know. But he's the only one I know of
      who also had a device that actually did something *and* he supplied
      significant documentation.

      I should mention right now that I'm not at all certain what that
      'something' was. Tom describes the device as 'running' for two days. I
      take that to mean vibrating. The mundane explanation for that would be
      that Tom had built himself a well-balanced magnetic bearing that was
      extremely sensitive to ambient disturbance, be it acoustic, thermal,
      electromagnetic, physical, whatever.

      If I was *really* skeptical I could take the position that the device
      didn't even run for two days - but it was so sensitive that it
      vibrated whenever an observer approached, thus giving the impression of
      non-stop operation when in fact it was settling to complete inactivity
      whenever observers left it alone.

      I don't take that extreme position, but it has to be on the table as a
      possibility if I'm gonna keep this project intellectually honest.

      Of course another possibility is that the device was functioning as
      intended, tapping some esoteric energy source and performing work - in
      the strict sense of the word - oscillating the various masses involved.
      I'm not convinced of this, either. Just hopeful.

      Unfortunately, Tom's project suffered the same fate of no follow-up that
      is common here. Which is strange, given the degree of success he had.
      After reporting his success he posted regularly for a few weeks, then
      went silent. His last post was Sept. 29, 2001. Now I'm not saying the
      MIB with matching helicopters got him - my tin foil hat is not strapped
      that tight.

      I'm just sayin'. Here's a guy who not only built one of the best units
      around, but was dedicated enough to pack up his tools, including a
      welder, and head on over to David Hamel's place to work in the shop.
      That level of committment seems a little inconsistent with his silence
      here, to say the least. I don't know what this means, I just think the
      oddness of it bears mentioning. I'll leave it at that.

      As for my own project/s, I'm going to try something a little nuts before
      I go for replication of Tom's device. I understand that bigger is
      better, but of course the downside of 'big' is that the price scales up
      too, mostly in the extra magnet expense. Well, I can handle that if
      necessary, but first I'm going to try to dodge around that problem.

      I wondered what I might contribute to this group that isn't already
      here. Now I know that the first thing will be an attempt at a micro
      3cd. Not mini - micro! I haven't crunched any dimension numbers yet
      but I'm talking about cones somewhere in the neighborhood of an inch in

      With a mill or lathe I could still achieve high precision at this scale,
      of course. Don't have those. But I do have a decent drill
      press and I think with a little planning and a willingness to toss parts
      til I get a good one , I can nail tolerances of no more than a few
      thousandths of an inch. I also have a 40x stereoscope I can use to
      inspect small parts to make sure they're perfect.

      I'm aware that this is almost certainly doomed to fail. But I can do
      the whole thing with materials on hand, and I might learn a thing or
      two. Good risk/reward, in other words. Also, whether I succeed or
      fail, I will have a really cool desktop gizmo. The equivalent of an
      Elvis bobble-head for free energy geeks. :)

      Speaking of bobbling, I think the most challenging construction aspect
      of micro scale will be the cups and balls in the base. A tentative
      notion is copper BB's for the balls, and maybe grind out some glass for
      the cups. Looking for other ideas on this.

      I guess that's enough ramble for now. Gotta break out my wee magnets
      and micrometer and start working out dimensions based on Tom's plans.

      Dev in PA

      Ole Jensen

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