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  • Binny
    Hi Mike, Thank you for your insight.Several good points you have made that I will take into consideration in my futher research work. I do apologize for being
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      Hi Mike, Thank you for your insight.Several good points you have made that I will take into consideration in my futher research work. I do apologize for being a little thick headed tho.I will get there sooner or later and so will you.  Good luck in your research work.   Bye for now     Binny
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      From: Mike
      Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 11:56 PM
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      Hi Binny,

                   I told you that I built and tested all these things 20 or 30 years ago; so why should I do it again? For sure nothing has changed!  It was this failure by being unable to stand up under scientific scrutiny that was the collapse of the only ‘unmuzzled’ Bedini group.

      It seems to me that you want to pick and choose which parts of my post you choose to believe, (or respond to) which is the death of real research. By simple evidence, Bedini was unable to demonstrate what he had on his video, even to save his own skin from potential chapter 11.

      I have shared my experiences with you, and even offered to send pics; while you consider I just don’t understand, and are so far not going to justify your claims.

      Firstly, what have you done to ensure the input power is ENTIRELY devoid of either voltage or current spikes?

      And, fundamentally, (again you miss the point), which is that ampere hours is NOT an accurate measurement of power, quite simply because the terminal voltage changes quite dramatically over the REAL discharge cycle, and unless you use integration techniques and multiple sampling, your measurement can easily be up to 40% incorrect.

      One can argue, to no avail, all day, over trying to integrate chemical storage devices, which already contain inherent energy, with scientific power and efficiency measurements.

      Sufficient to add that, for the last 20 years there has been no change, and this device remains a toy, and seems unlikely to ever emerge into viability! (solid state just gets you to the inevitable conclusion more rapidly)!  And finally there’s no such beast as ‘radiant energy’, usually referred to as ‘radiant electricity’, which comes complete with magical rules derived by fools and novel writers.

      There is another aspect related to this, which is related solely to the electron state in atoms, access to which can manipulate gravity, and maybe the flow of time itself, (many peer review papers here, and Podkletnov’s experimental results.

      Sadly, without a great deal of luck, scientific research and testing discipline seems to have been consumed by wishful thinking and zero original work amongst a considerable percentage of Yahoo groups.

      You say radiant energy seems to be related to action in the battery plates (and chemicals), the question is, what are YOU going to do to advance and test the chemical structures, or are you just going to repeat by rote what others have said, while the scientific side stagnates?


      Mike. J. Furness.

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          After some consideration i believe you are out in left field so to speak the measurements I speak of have nothing to do with pulse charging or the cumulative energy as such. the measurements I have been taken are purely Direct Current ,energy in ,verses energy out. end product results .I am convenience at this piont that you do not understand from where these readings are coming from.It is the end result I am measuring from. For sure the h wave spike  will not stand up to your scrutiny but the end results speak for themselves. More power out than put in build it and see for yourself.

      I am convinced that you are not seeing the forest for the trees so to speak. Radiant energy is elusive and in this case it is hiding in the chemistry of the battery.  

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      From: Mike

      Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 3:22 PM

      Subject: RE: [SPAM] Re: [hameltech] Re: Tapping ZPE using fluxed magnetic capacitors


      Hi Binny,

                   Let’s get the form factor out of the way first http://www.allabout circuits. com/vol_2/ chpt_1/3. html. this is one of the best articles I could find, takes you places you probably didn’t know existed!

      Simply put, with a conventional meter, anything other than sine will NOT read correctly, unless specifically calibrated. We’re not even dealing with an equal mark to space ratios, and the waveform contains ringing, which is out of the range of any meter; unless, as I say, you spend vast amounts of money. I was particularly impressed with the meter that heated up a resistance and derived true voltage by calorimetry, but would suspect that this would absorb all your micropower just to drive itself!

      Respectfully, when I believed all I read, I built the whole tribe of ‘bedini’ style poorly drawn devices, and also tested submissions from OU seekers, I guess all this was maybe between 20 & 30 years ago.

      As I said, almost impossible to separate fact from fiction because there are two chemical storage devices, both containing energy; and, if you can get one to run for several months, self running, with maybe a 5AH (ONLY) battery, then one can give considerations; unless something has changed the micro / milliamps concerned are far too small a denominator to have any significance, or to appear above the noise level.

      Now you may ask how we tested; firstly the drive battery was made into a much higher ampere hour unit (still the same voltage) so that, in approx 1 week of continuous testing, at a constant temperature, the input battery voltage would not change greater than 1%. Heavily smoothed by one capacitor, voltage across, and we used a 0.01ohm series calibrated resistor with an instrumentation calibrated amplifier to measure current, accuracy 0.01%, then another capacitor before feeding into the system, from memory we used two x 20,000uf low leakage electrolytics in this part of the circuit. For the first test we ran for a week, and fed output into a capacitor. At end of test, we knew the ampere hours used, and as the charge in a capacitor is ½ CV squared, were able to ascertain the power stored, NONE of the units we made or tested exceeded 90% efficiency, and submitted ones tended to be about 60%.

      We then decided to try with a battery, we picked a plante battery, (type used in submarines, but smaller of course) battery was NEW, cycled 10 times prior to stabilize capacity, and of a size that milliamps of pulsing for a week or so would not unduly change the terminal voltage; however we used a sampling system (milliseconds) and complex integration techniques to measure the exact battery voltage / time. On discharge, this came into its own, and had a calibrated discharge resistor, taking the same number of milliamps as the charge had delivered. Testing stopped when voltage, calibrated chemical losses had fallen to the input voltage at start of test. Battery was then charged conventionally at the same rate to ascertain the exact charge in / out. Whatever we did, even fully charging, and all the rest of it, we NEVER obtained over 90% efficiency which, by devious means calculated the Bedini ‘Cost’, and the known new battery low charge / discharge efficiency as 95% +,so probably 8.5% losses in Bedini, and 1.5% in battery

      Sorry, no OU could we detect. It would seem pretty obvious, that when nearing Chapter 11 (because he couldn’t deliver OU to contract), he was TOTALLY unable to demonstrate to us a system working ‘beyond dispute’, and subsequently told us ‘sorry, too busy running a company’. (to earn $1,000,000.)

      What you need to earnestly ask yourself, is WHY such a simple device, (pulse charging) in commercial use since 1920,s, and some in MASSIVE power ‘transformer’ devices; which have today metamorphosed into 1000 amp drives at 32,000 volts feeding traction coils on a high speed locomotive and mounting 50,000Hp (a solid state Bedini!) has never ever shown any OU whatsoever?

      Ok, you’re happy that you can ‘recondition’ dead batteries, and quite rightly so, (batteries are always over spec when delivered), but on a new battery of the most expensive and long lasting type we were unable to detect anything beyond manufacturer’ s specs or efficiency.

      I believe that true OU is based on complex magnetic fields, as produced in REAL experimentation By Podkletnov; it’s a moot point if any of the experimentation of ‘no knowledge basis’ Bedini sometimes manages to skim the edges of OU, and produce a very small amount of inexplicable but uncommercial power; or even on very rare occasions produce a real machine that even the inventor cannot ever duplicate (Searl?)

      If you get the ‘Real Mc Coy’ it either flies away, or in Podkletnov’s case, produce 1,000G focused gravity pulses!

      You may ask what I have been doing recently, A MADMAN (I mean it) contacted me about electrical power from a Hydrogen Vial  (fusion) by surrounding it with a high amplitude field (his father, of course did this when he was a child) SO, I built a low impedance power supply, sub microhenry, and managed to turn on and off 2,000amps at 12 volts in 0.6 microseconds, result was that air core secondary resonated strongly at 5KV from only 20 turns, with Hydrogen vial in the middle. Of course, besides ionizing the Hydrogen, nothing else happened!  I still have pic of device. When he told me two conflicting stories, I decided he was a fraud, and shortly after he was ‘sectioned’ (means locked up in a mental institution) , from which he emerges from time to time.

      This IS possible, but requires a lot of machined parts, and a VERY much more complex field.  http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Fusor.

      My colleague has been visiting ‘Steven Marks’ on a regular basis, held a working device in his hands and we have been ‘sort of’ told how to do it. Without going into detail, there are about 17 million different connection and frequency combinations, and suddenly Marks dried up, no offer, however large would permit him to give us detail or proceed to independently test his unit, I of course built one, not sure if I took a photo or not, but could do so, as I still have it.

      Decision, absolute paranoia, and will take to his grave with him, or elaborate fraud; which independent testing would immediately uncover?

      Currently working for colleagues on Government funding as a design consultant designing and building a device to turn 1 tesla field both on, and then terminate 1,000 amps abruptly in as short a time as possible so that a ‘heat pump’ can deliver ELECTRICITY out directly instead of simply heat!

      IF your bedini, turning on and off, milliamps in milliseconds, DOES produce extremely small amounts of OU, then you’ll have to be using the same techniques as me to get to the thousand amp level, and switch off without destruction! (solid state unit?) The transistors will ‘commutate’ the current turn off at several thousand amps per microsecond, and each millimeter of wire will GENERATE, all on its own, 3 volts, or 1,000 volts per microhenry of power supply impedance.

      As to whether their idea will be viable or not, that’s another story, but at least I will supply them with a setup which contains unbreakable transistor circuitry.

      Said more than I intended to, sorry if I bore you with the knowledge and abilities I have amassed over the years,

      Have a good day,


      Mike. J. Furness

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      Sent: 22 July 2010 04:05
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      Hello Mike,

      good to make your acquaintance. I agree with you on some points and disagree on others and admirably so with all due respect. After all we are all after the truth and as true scientists need to remain objective and feel free to toss our ideas and findings around to be scrutinized by our peers so to speak. So to the chase. I have to agree with you it is a form of pulse charging for shure. Honestly I have been involved in electronics and electrical energeering for most of my life.(I started at age 5) and have never even heard of form factor correction if it does indeed exist please forgive my ignorance. As far as I know true RMS meters don't lie. I believe the magic lies in the battery itself. The circuit is ingenious of itself but the results I have spoken of are from power in amp hours put in to power out in amp hours.How can anyone argue with those findings? As far as plate damage it simply does not happen that way. I have witnessed for myself that the plates of the battery get a shinny new coat of lead as if electroplated during the charging process. the more a battery is cycled in this manner the more capacity (to a cut off point) it gains. The end result is a battery that has more capacity than it had when new fresh out of the box. Granted to get there you have to cycle the battery at the C-20  charge/discharge rate many times to achieve these results that indicate overunity. If you don't believe me go to the Bedini monopole 3 site and look over the test results of hundreds of researchers like myself who are seeing similar results.I personally took a pooched lawn tractor battery and turned it into a super performer with this set up.

      Have you ever built one of these things and tested it? If not it don't cost a lot to find out for yourself check it out and see for yourself. I would be interested in hearing your results.

      And yes RickF.and John B have both made self runners. Unless my figures are off like crazy and these folks are all lying this is one avenue to achieve overunity. To the naysayer I say build it to specs and test it,  see for yourself don't just rely on my findings. 

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      From: Mike

      Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 2:02 PM

      Subject: RE: [hameltech] Re: Tapping ZPE using fluxed magnetic capacitors


      Hi Binny,

                   Firstly, if you have indeed made progress beyond the Mystro himself, you are indeed to be congratulated; with a possibility of outside funding.

      However, every Bedini machine, of whatever ilk we have tested, has proven NOT to be so.

      The overriding failure is that when AC or pulses are to be measured, people think you can rely on meter readings, YOU CANNOT, unless every item is put to a rectifier & substantial capacitor to provide totally unambiguous highly smoothed DC.

      If you pay about $500 for a very special meter that has ‘Form Factor’ correction, it will STILL show errors on coil ringing, which is outside it’s acceptance band, of at least 10% (depending on many other factors)

      SO, clean non pulsed DC in, capacitor again, and clean non pulsed DC output to a calibrated load resistance, which can vary from 1 to 20% tolerance, as specified on the manufacturer’ s data. I’m sure you know the V / I / R ohms laws.

      If you refer to ‘pulse battery charging, 30 years ago, it was the only low price way of regulating charge current!  Sure, it CAN reduce sulphation, but looses actual capacity by shedding hard active material, and the battery remains below original spec, although now quite useable again.  This is not, and never has been OU, and quite impossible to verify any claims, owing to two chemical storage devices which contained power at the start of the process.  Apart from the blindingly obvious if it produced several hundred %, you would at least have to make it self run continuously for several months to convince anyone!

      In conclusion, even in a GOOD experiment of this nature under laboratory conditions, 1-5% error in the experiment can easily occur!

      This is intended to be a serious discussion, perhaps you could now describe to group your actual experiment, and how you have surmounted the pitfalls; with what level of confidence?

      BTW, you don’t describe power in, or OU out; below 10 watts remains a curiosity only, UNLESS is can be scaled,


      Mike. J. Furness.

      From: hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com [mailto: hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com ] On Behalf Of Binny
      Sent: 21 July 2010 14:41
      To: hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com
      Subject: Re: [hameltech] Re: Tapping ZPE using fluxed magnetic capacitors


      I have to politely disagree as I have built and tested his SSG circuit and have routinely gotten 1:1 and slightly over unity with it not even taking into account the mechancial energy being spent to operate the thing.go ahead build and test it for yourself even the simplest unit if built to specs can go over unity.Tuning it is the tricky part tho. The larger ones perform better. I have not finished the solidstate one with the capicitator pulsor on the back end  yet but will report back on that when it is finished .It is claimed that unit is even more efficient. Also I seem to get more energy out of it when the wheel is loaded down a bit haven't figured that one out yet.

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      From: Mike

      Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 1:24 AM

      Subject: RE: [hameltech] Re: Tapping ZPE using fluxed magnetic capacitors


      Hi Binny,

                   Bedini has never achieved OU, I cannot understand why you think he has!

      Going back 3 years to the group that he shut down, the only one allowing free expression, his financial position was near to chapter 11. The discussion started over his video, waving ‘something ‘solid state’ in his hand and saying that one day this would power the world.

      I have a wealthy investor friend who would give freely to get OU to the world, which is his lifetime ambition; I offered Bedini $1,000,000, for ONE successful demo of real OU.

      The answer was, “Sorry, we’re too busy running a company”.

      Now he’s teamed up with Bearden & Greer, selling ‘OU and AG devices you can build at home’, while Greer trawls the world for devices he can exploit and also for gifts of money, you go work that out!

      Oh, forgot, there are links to an oil company(?) and head office is an unused beach hut in California .

      My fundor has been looking for 30 years and found , so far NOTHING except either well wishing fools, deliberate fraudsters, or people that may / may not have something, but it’s so important that they’ll take it to their grave with them, and those who pick it up posthumously, have NEVER made anything work, from Keeley himself  onward.


      Mike. J. Furness.

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      Subject: Re: [hameltech] Re: Tapping ZPE using fluxed magnetic capacitors


      Bedini circuits take advantage of the natural twist to achieve overunity. There are many ways one could augment this phenomenon with out getting into details I will leave it up to your imagination.      ..... best wishes     Binny

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      From: fiditti

      Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2010 3:08 PM

      Subject: [hameltech] Re: Tapping ZPE using fluxed magnetic capacitors


      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for sharing this information. I'm very interested in the Stromzeuger Generator and would like to replicate it.

      Best Regards,

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