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Re: It didn't get far...

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  • GeoffreyP
    Where did you buy your magnets from?
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2010
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      Where did you buy your magnets from?

      --- In hameltech@yahoogroups.com, "David" <davie_djc@...> wrote:
      > It's now four years since I had the dream to try something, got no
      > where (other things pervaded life), and now I'm back at it. I have a
      > feeling that the trick is to have the magnetic fields oscillating at
      > the correct or resonant frequency, and then holding it there. I'm back
      > to trying things in miniature first though... with 500 very strong
      > magnets to trial with, I may have something to report at last, maybe in
      > another four years.
      > I downloaded The Granite Man and the Butterfly today, printed it out
      > and will read through tonight.
      > I was saddened to hear that David had passed, but he left a great
      > legacy and someday, someone will crack this thing and maybe we may
      > become civilised, if there's anything left to be civilised with.
      > Onward... corny, but relevant... make it so!
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