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Re: [hameltech] Re: WIS Question (yes, I do know the answer to these questions)

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  • PICO
    Matt Thanks for that My memory of that machine had indeed become hazy Dell
    Message 1 of 42 , Jan 23, 2010
      Thanks for that   My memory of that machine had indeed become hazy

      On 1/23/2010 6:10 AM, demondoppel wrote:

      does the WIS generator make use of the isotope line?...actually it's called anisotropic line of power....

      It appears it did in the WIS machines that David worked on before his passing. Not sure where, however... the 3 key components of the line exist though. We have the sphere at the top with snare (1), and then the sphere underneath (2) with the embedded steel/stainless steel rod...in which then connects to the granite fly wheel at the base on a fixed circular spin (3).

      The anisotropic line of power could be just the two spheres, and the granite slab fly wheel (seeing that the bottom most sphere had the embedded rod (making it one piece)).

      Of course, the WIS apparatus in the ship has 3 components. Top sphere in snare, bottom sphere (halved or quartered) with a female pivot (hole) on the bottommost male pivot (shaft) which is suspended circularly in magnetic fields.

      PI and the circle are a rule in nature that is utmost in it's importance for this technology to work. For the circle it's self is unending in it's path and suggests 'perpetual' or over unity.

      Thus the sphere which makes use of gravity on top of repulsion magnetism... is corrected on circular and curved path (granite pivot assembly). It is curves based in PI and the circle which thus work to make the machine possible. Magnetism is required in all WIS...I don't think we can create a WIS machine without it...ever.
      Magnetism is a key component to accessing the "point of nothing".... which henceforth comes everything. To keep things going you MUST have magnetism in order to grab at the universal field of creation/energy field underlying all of creation. Energy which is then brought into by the mechanism and maintains it's operation as well. You need the key in the door, the door opened and kept opened. magnetism being the key.

      Will the sphere make elliptical paths as it operates? It might based on resonance within the machine. Say for example the curved surface on the pivot is not harmonic to the sphere (geometry is not inter related here)...it might create conditions for ellipses to occur which are orders of magnitudes away from resonance. Or the machine simply shuts down because it feels 'friction' in operation due to out of resonance conditions. Friction does NOT have to be physical contact friction in which we get heat...it can be out of resonance conditions which cause entropy to occur.

      If the WIS follows the strict guidelines of the MPM, it should work as it should....but will it act in the same accordance as the 3CD? Following the laws of nature in resonance...

      How would the WIS build up speed? The granite sphere is quite heavy..and it rests on hair line or a very very fine point of contact friction. All that weight is driven onto a very small point. It's this small point which lowers friction. The magnetic cushion underneath this point is easily tipping it...creating motion. Gravity is thus translated into movement using the curved surfaces to actually created movement. Magnetism playing a key role in getting the whole thing going in a circular path. Without magnetism there is not movement. The magnetic cushion is thus greatly important. It must be adjusted in order to create movement and not choke out the gravity/inertia of the sphere.

      The 3CD works on the same principles of low friction...in order to create over unity conditions.

      Over unity design application is what underlies all of David's efforts. The 3CD, the WIS, the Hamel flying saw/tracy wheels all use over unity in all design. The circle being the utmost important, as is geometry resonance and magnetism and lowest possible friction.

      This technology requires gravity in order to work.

      I'll put more forward if anything else comes to mind.

      --- In hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com, Dan LaRochelle <danswaay@.. .> wrote:
      > Sorry, wrong pic...
      > see attached hamel drawing of the isotope line.
      > Dan
      > On 1/22/2010 10:04 PM, PICO wrote:
      > > Dan
      > > The principle is the same as the top rejection. A north out magnet
      > > was on the lower side of the steel ball - like the spinner only much
      > > bigger
      > > The magnet on the top of the frame below the ball was in rejection (N
      > > up) and the ball could be adjusted down into the field of the magnet
      > > in rejection. The ball will start to Squirm as the bucking magnets
      > > clash and cause a conical ^ motion as would the top rejection of the
      > > 3CD. From there the deal is to hook up the endless motion caused by
      > > magnet rejection,
      > >
      > > It could have been this was a super-duper spinner and he was taking
      > > out spin to a drive like a water wheel works
      > >
      > > I think you probably saw it in the yard. The bottom end used the
      > > millstone to store momentum and drive
      > > several alternators to provide output --- Looked like the upside
      > > down version of an Egyptian with a cup and ball on his head.
      > > D
      > >
      > > On 1/22/2010 9:52 PM, Dan LaRochelle wrote:
      > >> The large tri-pod WIS machines were never completed correct?
      > >> David never got them to work correct?
      > >>
      > >> Who is in the know on this list?
      > >>
      > >> Dan
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> On 1/22/2010 9:41 PM, PICO wrote:
      > >>> Dan
      > >>> It's Dell -- I'm talking about the big Triangular WIS frame 10 ft
      > >>> tall with a huge steel ball driving a millstone
      > >>>
      > >>> Matt or granite can fill in some details it's getting a bit hazy
      > >>> after 10 years ;)
      > >>> I think they took it to Madoc Mr Hamel offered it to the town as a
      > >>> model to use to produce power for the town. Of course Madoc was
      > >>> hooked into Ont Hydro ...
      > >>> Dell
      > >>>
      > >>>
      > >>> On 1/22/2010 9:32 PM, Dan LaRochelle wrote:
      > >>>> Please Jon, lets see a drawing of what you are talking about. Ball
      > >>>> hanging in mid-air by a chain?
      > >>>>
      > >>>> It is time that the WIS be our only direction, everything else is a
      > >>>> dead flat horse beaten far into the ground.
      > >>>>
      > >>>> Dan
      > >>>>
      > >>>>
      > >>>>
      > >>>>
      > >>>> On 1/22/2010 9:27 PM, PICO wrote:
      > >>>>> Dan
      > >>>>> The ball does not rotate in a circle. The ball does not roll. It
      > >>>>> is hanging full in mid-air held by a chain or cable
      > >>>>> It acts just like the 3CD cones, constantly pushed about by the
      > >>>>> kind of gravity we call magnetism
      > >>>>> and falls back against what we do call gravity. You will get what
      > >>>>> the relativity guys call a cone of light / sight
      > >>>>> We all know you have an abundance of understanding ;)
      > >>>>> D
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>>
      > >>>>> On 1/22/2010 9:19 PM, Dan LaRochelle wrote:
      > >>>>>> Study the drawings indeed....
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>> Tell me Jon, what is the "butterfly" platform? What does it do?
      > >>>>>> How is the ball accelerated if it just rotates in a circle?
      > >>>>>> How is the energy to _accelerate the rolling ball_ getting into
      > >>>>>> into the WIS system? A specific question.
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>> I think every one here knows that there is a "Isotope Line" of
      > >>>>>> _movement horizontal_. Right?
      > >>>>>> But did you know Jon that there must also be an "Isotope Line" of
      > >>>>>> _movement vertical_!
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>> What does that mean if there MUST be a vertical movement
      > >>>>>> component Jon?
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>> Study the drawings.... .huh?
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>> Dan LaRochelle
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>>> On 1/19/2010 11:50 AM, Jon C. Munson II wrote:
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> The magnetics keep the ball always off balance, as does the
      > >>>>>>> butterfly... it is a synergistic arrangement. ..study the drawings...
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> Peace, Love, and Light,
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> Jon C. Munson II
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> "And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible,
      > >>>>>>> but not with God: for *with God all things* are possible." [Mark
      > >>>>>>> 10:27; KJV]
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> I sign "Peace, Love, and Light" for at least two reasons.
      > >>>>>>> First, it is my truest desire for this planet and her people to
      > >>>>>>> live in Peace, with Love, and in the Light of God. Second, to
      > >>>>>>> be an Ascended Master, one must Be. As I wish to Be an Ascended
      > >>>>>>> Master (someday if not sooner), I must also Be - thus I choose
      > >>>>>>> to Be Peace, Love, and Light as much as I can for everyone and
      > >>>>>>> am therefore reflecting those thoughts to you.
      > >>>>>>>
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      > >>>>>>> [mailto:hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com] *On Behalf Of *Dan
      > >>>>>>> *Sent:* Tuesday, January 19, 2010 2:19 PM
      > >>>>>>> *To:* hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com
      > >>>>>>> *Subject:* [hameltech] WIS Question (yes, I do know the answer
      > >>>>>>> to these questions)
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> Who can tell me how the WIS technology Works?
      > >>>>>>> How can a rolling mass (ball of weight) be made to continuously
      > >>>>>>> roll in David Hamel's Weight-into- speed devices?
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> Regards,
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>> Dan LaRochelle
      > >>>>>>>
      > >>>>>>
      > >>>>
      > >>

    • PICO
      Granite I know you are looking for space -- would you think about organizing a working party? Folks could bring tents, vans, campers and food No real need to
      Message 42 of 42 , Jan 26, 2010
        I know you are looking for space -- would you think about organizing a working party? Folks could bring tents, vans, campers and food   No real need to organize much - build it and they will come ...

        On 1/26/2010 5:14 PM, granite spider wrote:

        thats right....... .the wings that we have  now are approx. 8ft across x 3, the next set is to be double that 16ft across time 3 and the 3rd set was is to be 32 ft across X 3 wings....... davids craft is approx. 8o ft high by 180 ft wide........ .

        --- On Mon, 1/25/10, Gene Gonzalez <sundracer@yahoo. com> wrote:

        From: Gene Gonzalez <sundracer@yahoo. com>
        Subject: Re: [hameltech] WIS Question (yes, I do know the answer to these questions)
        To: hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com
        Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 5:47 PM

        Ole, I drew the plans for the book, but after they were done I was told that the geometry was wrong, I was told that each stage should be 2X as big to conform to the sacred geometry, if that is true the Galaxy Trinity would be real big in size, it will need a big influx of money and talent to bild it. The plans were inserted into the book with the wrong dimensions.

        "Galaxy Trinity" was the name of the ship Mr Hamel was building before he
        passed away. It is completely documented in the book "The word made manifest
        through sacred geometry" by Robert Thomas. The book includes blueprints - at
        least our copies did. I never bought one through Amazon or any other

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