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  • George Pantos
    hopefully we can keep this conversation going, and i can get an answer from some of you.. u mean to tell me if this weren t in place none of you would be
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2009
      hopefully we can keep this conversation going, and i can get an answer from some of you.. u mean to tell me if this weren't in place none of you would be interested..?? are u really locked into your situations at home where you couldn't manage this.. i know i am, so i understand.. my parents are elderly and i can no longer leave them alone without something disastrous potentially happening.. it's happened before, and i find it very hard to live with.. so. that said, i still have some responsibility also to the people at my current job, that is one reason i would work only part time, plus i like to remain creative and if i did not have some freedom of activity that would quickly be depleted.. but i need to know if there is an interest so i could possibly come up with a proposal.. read below..
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      ok now we are talking about sensitive and still hypothetical reasoning here.. i wanted to test the waters to see if i could find any of u all who have been working on this for years and are valuable assets and talents..so if i gave this guy a proposal i would have the people to take on the positions who know what they are talking about, and have the passion and experience. i don't want to have to explain all this stuff to a bunch of greenhorns.. as far as the likelihood, like i said this is a bit up in the air.. i don't want to seem like i'm talking out of my ass.. first of all to be honest about 6 months ago i was looking at Obama stimulus money for the research project, but i did not feel comfortable having to explain this crazy ass ideas of mr. hamel to a govt. bureaucrat.. besides there are only certain windows for grants and at the time the one from the energy dept. had expired.. then came the real wallop of some news.. having to do with an old personal connection of mine, who is a lot like me.. boils down to the fact that he is sort of a smart ass runt, who i feel comfortable with since he is an old personal friend and i would have no problem explaining this stuff to him.. plus he is fairly imaginative himself and might take a keen interest personally.. anyway not to reveal too much, let me just say he is very comfortably made in the hedge fund industry.. preposterously so.. in fact i couldn't believe it when i came across the news about 2 months ago.. then it hit me last night, that he might be a great source of funding for all this.. i won't go into too much more for now, i'll give him the pseudonym "Deep Throat the sequel".. as for whether he is willing, hmm. don't count on it, but it might be worth a try.. and if i have a better idea of what i'm proposing to him, the better a chance of success. now i'm sure if u felt like doing an FBI search on me, u could probably put the connections together and come up with the person i'm talking about, but i make that deliberately difficult for now..
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      Hi George,

      I've thought about moving to Detroit for the very reason you mention, plus the low cost of housing. What is the likelihood of getting this grant you're talking about?

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      > if i were able to secure a large/sizable grant, who would be willing to move to detroit and work in a fringe science facility to develop some of these ideas into a major breakthru.. like edison we would try every permutation of design to get the lightbulb into a working prototype.. like edison's Menlo Park.. I want and insist it be located here in Detroit, because with the failure of the automobile industry we need a new breakthru technology to return prosperity to the region.. in the meantime as a research facility we would be able to employ quite a few people..
      > to give u an idea, there would not be much money in the way of salaries, but i was hoping people would do it for the mere love and interest of the pursuit, and be content with something like $30,000 or $50,000 a year depending on their capacity.. we would have enough funds to pay for the material and tools.. such as the granite and cutting tools.. obviously plenty of expertise would be needed in a number of different fields and capacities. i for one only want to work part time so i can remain creative, so anybody who is steady enough to handle some managerial work full time would be a welcome help.. anyway i thought i'd run it by u guys..
      > primarily we would research hamel and kosul devices.. but also any other promising ideas. depending on the size of the grant, and the number and expertise of the people working in that specific area.. we could call it a fringe science research facility..
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