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Re: 11111: Hamel/Atlanteian physics can be used for waste recycling

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  • demondoppel
    http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=aErNiP_V4RLc&refer=exclusive example, and also Rense.com had a good writeup on reclaimed waste water, and
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 5, 2009

      example, and also Rense.com 'had' a good writeup on reclaimed waste water, and how many things pharmaceutical in nature and also pathogenic can get through all forms of filtering and make it out into the reclaimed water system and farmers fields and survive leading to biological problems in humans. It is already known that Ecoli is surviving on fresh vegetables which get into the supermarket. Seemingly, there are far worse things surviving.

      as far as using free energy to get fresh water from the sea, that's fine. But you will find that any waste water methods will have to keep up with how things are returned to nature in lieu of how things are taken from nature. If things are returned to nature as they are taken no problem, and if not, then you will have problems down the road, big time, as it is seen even now. It's obvious that we are going to end poisoning the land we live on first off in eventuality.

      I believe that Hamel physics at the high end of energy release may be able to turn things back to pure energy/disintegration for the worst case scenario. A way of cleaning up things without any form of residue. And also to safely return things back to raw material state. It's in the physics, this type of use.

      Anyways, something good to consider if we take hamel/atlanteian physics seriously enough to deploy. Otherwise, what other sciences could work, perhaps at an overunity level to return that which is taken from nature, back into nature? Searl? Bearden? and others? not likely.

      As any intellignt race closes in on extreme advancement, IT MUST be able to deal with leaving things in pristene shape in nature, as they take things from nature.



      Of course, who's not to say that any chemical and energy bombardment to filter out contaminants in sewage to reclaim water and to deal with sludge can not be invented...it can, and yet something about hamel physics seems to hold the most advanced truth....It's in there....because of the fact that this is about 'creation physics'.

      If you people are to learn about the physics, then you must open yoursleves up to the possibility up much higher applications besides space flight and free energy in general. Free energy will uplift us most greatly, that is for usre, and in turn allow us to perform of duties in the eyes of God with perfection, and in doing so, we offer no harm back to the universe in turn.
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