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Re: [hameltech] Book of the Dead

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  • lady hawk
    HI all,, the Big Smokey? Sounds like someone is refereing to Hamilton On rather than Toronto!!!! LOL Up here some people still refer to Toronto as Hog
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 25, 2009
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      HI all,, the ' Big Smokey?'
      Sounds like someone is refereing to Hamilton On rather than Toronto!!!! LOL
      Up here some people still refer to Toronto as 'Hog Town' and anyone
      who knows about Bay Street will understand why...OK, politics aside
      What one needs to do about the ROM exhibit is to call them and see if
      they have published a catalogue of any sort for this exhibit. it would
      have been published by the UofT press or maybe for the magazine
      Rotunda..find as many pictorial representations as you can for this
      When you visit the show try to park a few subway stops north , east or
      west of the University 'Museum' stop
      or the Yorkville stop on the Bloor Danforth line will get you close
      too and its a short window shopping walk away.
      Any parking in the area is expensive and problematic to say the least
      and nowadays there is a lot of break ins around there unfortunatly.
      call 416-586-5862 or 416-586-5549 books xt @5784
      tell whoeveryou speak to you want informationon the catalogue and
      Rotunda magazine..be persistant there are a lot of young people there
      who are still learning the ropes and they need to refer to a manager
      who might know how to answer your questions better..if someone shows
      an interest then they might print more pictures for the public
      Let us know how you get on with this and i will call them and see what
      I can find out too.
      Good luck!!!
      talk later, Tara

      On 2/25/09, Dell Coleman <picotech9999@...> wrote:
      > Mr Hamel was fond of this book as a teaching guide to the old technology.
      > Now they are showing one on exhibition in the big smoke.
      > http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090224.wdead0225/BNStory/Entertainment/home
      > Probably worth the trip for Ontario folks. As an aside coming into
      > Toronto on the way back from Mr. Hamel's place
      > there were signs for an Egyptian exhibition at the ROM. I made a left
      > turn and went right over there.
      > The best stuff was in the earliest Dynasties. After a while the
      > Egyptians lost the Annunaki touch ;)
      > Dell
      > Steven Dufresne wrote:
      >> Hi Donald,
      >> David Hamel often refered to it as the heater. He even wanted
      >> someone to build one to heat the quonset garage he used for
      >> his workshop in the winter.
      >> Though it wasn't intended to fly, thinking about it now, if
      >> it did tap into ZPE then it would modify the local space
      >> density and hence gravity. All these years I've been saying
      >> it wouldn't fly because the cones were upside down relative to
      >> the flying version, but that may not make any difference.
      >> -Steve
      >> http://rimstar.org <http://rimstar.org> http://wsminfo.org
      >> <http://wsminfo.org>
      >> brodonh@... <mailto:brodonh%40verizon.net> wrote:
      >> > Hi All,
      >> > I'm new to this group.
      >> >
      >> > One question: is there a proposed practical application for the 3
      >> > cone device?
      >> >
      >> > Sincerely
      >> >
      >> > Donald
      >> >
      >> > --- In hameltech@yahoogroups.com
      >> <mailto:hameltech%40yahoogroups.com>, Dell Coleman <picotech9999@...>
      >> > wrote:
      >> >>Juanmarcos
      >> >>
      >> >>The research that most people do is build one of the three cone
      >> >> devices.
      >> >
      >> >>It is the only research worth anything
      >> >>
      >> >>Hola
      >> >>
      >> >>Dell
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