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Re: [hameltech] OT: vehicles

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  • lady hawk
    Dear Dell, Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I guess that s what the enlightenment principle is all about. Just seeing these thngs clearly for what IS
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 29, 2008
      Dear Dell,
      Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
      I guess that's what the enlightenment principle is all about.
      Just seeing these thngs clearly for what IS and is not.
      I'm still trying to fill in a non scientific background with so-called
      knowledge that I was never taught in school.
      A long time ago I chose to take the route of developing the intuition...
      but some knowledge of physics is still required.
      Magnetisim is seemingly so simple but when it is more full explored,
      well it's something else again, maybe.
      All I'm left with is cogitating and exploring the Ormus water and magnetite sand
      and mineralizing the earth and gold trailing and etc.
      I'm going up to Bankroft this spring/ summer to find some magnetite sand.
      The ormus that can be gathered has powerful healing propertys.
      If you haven't encountered it yet just go to Barry Carters site
      and just read.
      It's not fiction...I took some a few years ago and my body was
      repaired tremendously.
      Nothing too serious, just some small injurys that healed and
      synchronisities that are still
      rather curious.
      Again, thanks for the follow-up.
      Be well... Tara

      On 3/28/08, Dell Coleman <picotech9999@...> wrote:
      > Dear Lady
      > I never said it was transparent or easy, I said it was all there. The
      > problem is with understanding what you see. When that happens, then it
      > is transparent and easy. ;)
      > David Hamel built one and it flew away. There are lots of reports of
      > other folks secretly working on these. If you liked that one, find the
      > Otis Carr OTX-1, check out the amusement ride. Carr has a bunch of
      > helpful principles but once again understanding is required.
      > Dell
      > lady hawk wrote:
      > > Dear Dell, if this thing is so transparently easy to figure out why
      > > hasn't anyone built one.. yet..or have they?
      > > This certainly gives me material to work upon but who is putting this
      > > to the test?
      > > would that I had the laboratory facilitys to experiment this with.
      > > Thanks.
      > > Tara
      > >
      > > On Mon, Mar 24, 2008 at 6:13 PM, Dell Coleman <picotech9999@...
      > > <mailto:picotech9999@...>> wrote:
      > >
      > > Ladyhawk
      > >
      > > You dont need the whole book just this one item
      > >
      > > 3) The Flying Saucer is a vertical take off and landing vehicle for
      > > space flight. The vehicle comprises a metal sphere rotating around
      > > a hub
      > > to which are affixed four magnetic coils in a circle equidistantly
      > > with
      > > a fifth coil at the center which is surrounded by a hollow circular
      > > glass tube filled with rubidium gas, tube and magnets with axes
      > > vertical
      > > The inner wall of the tube is made of more dense glass with a
      > > phosphor
      > > coating, and the top of the tube has a less dense glass outer
      > > coating on
      > > top of the more dense glass. When an electric motor rotates a
      > > vertical
      > > column, supported by a bearing at the center of the hub which is
      > > attached to the top and bottom of the sphere, the metal sphere
      > > rotating
      > > around the magnetic coils causes a continuous buildup of electric
      > > charge
      > > on the sphere and magnetic field, which heats and excites the
      > > rubidium
      > > gas in the tube so it interacts with the phosphor layer to produce
      > > light
      > > which is slowed down by the hot rubidium gas; causing a radial
      > > Einstein
      > > time change over distance, causing increased centrifugal force
      > > radially,
      > > causing acceleration of sphere rotation, resulting in more mechanical
      > > energy than needed to produce the slowed light by the previously
      > > mentioned process, with excess energy turning the electric motor as a
      > > generator to charge the battery. The slowed light reflected down
      > > vertically produces vertical thrust from the light (force of light
      > > equals wattage divided by velocity), and vertical thrust from
      > > Einstein
      > > time change over distance. Hinged mirrors at exhaust at bottom of
      > > sphere
      > > deflect the vertical light at an angle for horizontal thrust. The
      > > part
      > > of the hub which the tube rests on, and the exhaust at the bottom
      > > of the
      > > sphere, are transparent.
      > >
      > > For my part, I will do Matt's trick --- hahahaha, no comment is all I
      > > will say.
      > >
      > > Dell
      > >
      > > lady hawk wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
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