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11111: Half way point on the cones

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  • demondoppel
    Hi all: I am still at...still dreaming of the day of vibration down to the point of nothing....(laugh....but seriously) Thought I would share an insight
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2007
      Hi all:

      I am still at...still dreaming of the day of vibration down to the
      point of nothing....(laugh....but seriously)

      Thought I would share an insight because it seems to make perfect sense
      to me why would have the cone pivots at exactly half of the cone height.

      For me this is related to power balanced, or energy balanced. The same
      sort of desire is required in electrical circuits of any kind. When you
      want to have maximum power output in any circuit you make the load
      impedance and the circuit impedance facing the load, the same value of
      impedance...so that you get half power and no 'reflections'.

      The cone is therefore given privvy to this haf way point for the desire
      of transference of inertia from one cone to the next, but the inertia
      or motion is in balance in it's self as it is to each other. A very
      good reason it would seem. To send a balanced kinetic motion or
      vibration and to have it at a maximum sensitivity. Of course, if the
      pivot were to change from the center position, it gives rise to more or
      less sensitivity as you move away from the central point.
      Once I did an experiment with a pivot point closer to the top of the
      cone. I got very incredible sensitivity, but I also got some
      instability of the reaction of the cone, and thus 3 cones working
      inside of their own instability and therefore together resulted in the
      kinetic motion/inertia from one cone to the next, not being 'tuned'

      The half way pivot point make perfect sense, and also in the
      construction of the wings, this is crucial. It seems to me
      that 'friction' is not just in where the cones touch and the balls
      touch the cups. Friction can also be within the how the cones react
      while in movement. The half way pivot is like minimizing the friction,
      in another sense or in other 'condition' of the machine.

      The magnetic overcomes the friction of the cones as being weighted
      objects. The points of the cones are like very small friction zones,
      almost negligible. The balls touching the cups...the same thing. The
      cones, and how they react to each other and how they are tuned to
      themselves...another low friction requirement.

      also need to note that we are circular geometry...which is allowing the
      cone to move anywhere......so in effect we have created another form of
      low 'friction' and have removed obstacles for the cone by using the
      circle in it's design.

      a dream come true....this technology is...for it takes into
      consideration so MANY design aspects that create a LOW FRICTION in
      pretty much all designing impact of the machine. The magnetic can
      easily overcome all the known frictions of the machine and therefore,
      the machine is governed wholly by the magnetic...so that it can vibrate
      onward and upward until it reaches the universal limit.

      This technology is wonderful....and should NEVER be abandoned.

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