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  • Transworld2
    What: Worldwide PEACE Meditation Why: To Heal the Earth and create NEW ERA of PEACE AND HARMONY How: One-hour meditation using FOCUSED INTENT of millions of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2007
      What: Worldwide PEACE Meditation
      Why: To Heal the Earth and create NEW ERA of PEACE AND HARMONY
      How: One-hour meditation using FOCUSED INTENT of millions of people
      When: July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT (That's 4:11 am Pacific Time )

      Why July 17?: Because on that date there will be a SURGE OF CREATION ENERGY
      which will multiply our CREATIVE POWER
      Where: Anywhere you happen to be on July 17
      Would you spend ONE HOUR of your time to help create a better world?

      BTW, I believe in PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER, haha, but am not against
      trying Peace meditation once in a while.

      Where is this coming from? A woman who had her small son drowned and dead for 30
      minutes. The kid was revived but stayed brain-dead, until Light Beings
      instructed the woman how to bring him back to full health using a continuous
      aura "infusion" from other people. And according to those Light Beings, we can
      CREATE A SIMILAR MIRACLE for this planet, using focused intent (meditation) of
      millions of people on July 17, 2007, starting at 11:11 GMT for one hour.

      On that date the CREATION ENERGY will surge, allowing us to heal the Earth and
      create a better world using focused meditation. Full details are at
      http://www.firethegrid.com website.

      Here's a part of her story:
      "The team of emergency doctors and neurologists were waiting for me. They
      assured me that my sweet little boy was indeed brain dead, and in addition to
      this, his internal organs were full of blood. He was haemorrhaging throughout
      his body and his organs were non- viable. Things were the most bleak I have ever
      known. That is when the voice came to me again. "Have faith child." The doctors
      advised me to unplug my baby and let him pass peacefully, for even if a miracle
      happened and he did live, he would be a vegetable. "No quality of life", is all
      I remember thinking. Once again I heard the voice, "have faith". For that moment
      the doctors agreed to keep Evan on life support, but advised me not to hold out
      any hope. He had less than one percent chance of living and then he would
      continue to be hooked to all these machines for the rest of his life. Remember,
      I had no God, so I could not even call for guidance. It was in the quiet of my
      first moment alone, that I was given the instructions. "Follow the instructions
      implicitly", memories of the visions and the voice in the lake flooded back to
      me. There was someone there with me, I was sure of it, and I decided to listen

      I was instructed to rebuild my son's aura by infusing his little body
      with the auras of others. Twenty minutes at a time was one of the first rules;
      for if it was longer, you would drain the aura of the giver. They instructed me
      to parade loving people through Evan's room, each depositing their own energy
      field into his lifeless body. They were to do this by connecting their flesh to
      his flesh and allowing their energy to run through his body, and then to give
      Evan their "gift." If they sang, they were to sing. If they were story tellers,
      tell a story, and so on. Infuse him with positive energy and your love and your
      talents, and this will revive him.

      I proceeded against hospital protocol to send loving humans into my son's room
      every half hour. They then followed the instructions and gave their gift of
      love. This procession lasted twenty four hours a day, for three days. Dozens and
      dozens of people came. They "camped out" everyday and every night; loving
      trusting souls infusing his lifeless body with fresh energy. The fact that I was
      able to convince the hospital to allow this unorthodox behaviour to happen was a
      miracle in itself, but on the third day, after 72 hours of constant vigil, my
      boy opened his little eyes and recognized me. He was back!!!

      The doctors were baffled. They continued to tell me that he would never walk or
      talk or be a normal child again. However their words this time had no effect on
      me. The guidance and direction from my spiritual light beings had proved to me
      beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would be fine; after all, my "friend" in the
      lake had told me so.

      Within the first week Evan had recovered all his body functions, and by the end
      of the second week, he was running down the halls to the hospital playroom. This
      was indeed an incredible MIRACLE. What had I done to deserve such reprieve by
      our Almighty Creator? I didn't know nor did I care. I wanted to take my son home
      and be done with the whole nightmare. This is when I realized that I might be
      done with my light friends, but they were not done with me.

      I continued to hear the voices and be directed with both visions and seeing
      auras. Needless to say, I was more than a little freaked out. As time passed I
      would ask "What do you want of me?" They would speak of the love for the
      universe and how things have gone terribly wrong. Humanity has spiralled out of
      control, and has lost its true connection to God and to this Earth. They want
      desperately for me to give the humans of this world a message from "beyond,"
      that we have inside of us the power to unite this planet as one race with peace
      and prosperity for all. This power lies inside us all, and when combined with
      the loving energy of other humans, we can do for this planet what we did for my
      son. WE CAN REVIVE THIS EARTH and catapult it into healing. With this healing
      will come a new phase of humanity. WE WILL HAVE A TIME OF PEACE AND HARMONY. All
      it will take is OUR INTENTION, as a united group, and ONE HOUR OF OUR TIME.

      So as the voices and visions unravelled I was given the guidance of how to make
      this all happen. However it will take many of us on this planet to see to the
      success of the project. As they told me to rotate the humans through my son's
      room, they have told me to UNITE HUMANITY FROM EVERY CORNER OF THE GLOBE. Not
      every human, just representatives from every corner. We can do this. WE NEED TO
      START IT like we did with my boy.

      This GLOBAL PROJECT OF LOVING INTENTION is completely possible. Your intention
      to make it happen can change the outcome of this planet. I will discuss the
      details of the plan in phase three of this website. I will give you the
      directions to follow, and you will see how little it will take for you to become
      an ambassador of light to our home, planet Earth.

      I beseech you to JOIN ME WHEN
      WE FIRE THE EARTH GRID on July 17, 2007, and add your energy to this project. I
      promise you, just one hour of your time and you can help heal this planet, and
      help create peace among all people. My son and I are examples of the power of
      positive energy, and what humans are truly capable of when they unite with the
      intention of love. Love is the universal language of our world, and the world
      Light and love be with you and welcome to the next phase of humanity; be part of
      the excitement and please join us."
      [End quote]

      BTW, if you are an atheist or agnostic, don't let the word God in this story
      turn you off. As I've said before, all Gods of religions are MANMADE, but that
      doesn't mean that there's no Creator. I believe in the Creator, even though I
      consider the Bible only as useful as toilet paper. When she says "God", she
      means the Creator as can be deducted from her statement: "I call God the Prime
      Creator, because I want all those to understand that this story is completely
      unbiased and unprejudiced to any affiliation with any religion". We are all
      spiritual beings on a path toward enlightenment, and Light Beings that she talks
      about, we too will eventually become.

      Oh, and according to the Light Beings, the frequency of the song
      http://www.firethegrid.com/eng/downloads.htm Sky Sent will
      facilitate the opening of the soul and help with the frequency adjustment. "The
      tonal frequencies of this song awaken a sleeping piece of our soul to remind us
      of the potential within us all. This song is available for download, and if you
      listen carefully with your heart, you will not only hear the truth in the words
      but your body will feel the stirrings of remembering who you really are."

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