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  • Stephen Calkins
    Missile Strike Against UFO During NASA Mission STS-48?Video shows hostile military action towards advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft, photographed during
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      Missile Strike Against UFO During NASA Mission STS-48?Video shows hostile military action towards advanced extraterrestrial spacecraft, photographed during NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-48.
      MIlitary Controlled Black Flying Triangles FILER’S FILES# 25 06/20/07
      DAYTONA BEACH -- The UFO we saw in Daytona was most likely the TR-B3 or the XT-33, huge secret military reconnaissance aircraft about 1:00 AM on May 26, 2007. My wife and I were up outside after a walk on the beach and noticed three bright lights off in the distance. We thought it was a 747, but I noticed that the lights were spread out one in front and two in the back. The lights got brighter and came closer as we thought that the plane would crash because it was flying so low. As it got near it looked like a HUGE black triangle one blinding light in the front and two in the back, they also seemed to change color, red to green to red. It was so huge it blocked out the moon for a few seconds. The strangest thing was it had red blinking lights in the middle. They looked like landing lights on a plane. It made no sound and scared the hell out of us. We called the police to report it, they said they had received numerous calls about it, but had no explanation.
      The next day I called a friend who was an air force pilot and an old high school buddy of mine. He told me that most likely I had seen the TR-B3, a spy military craft that was about 400 to 600ft long (the largest aircraft ever created) and something about a top secret propulsion system, something like a nuclear reactor. He told me that they are 3 billion dollars each and that the govt. is finally testing them all over the world. He also told me its really not top secret anymore, since its common knowledge among the military and info about it is all over the internet. After talking to him I really think that it was not a UFO but a TR-3B. The majority of sightings are either the TR-B3 or the XT-33 they both look like UFOs ..sorry people but its the truth look them up. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National Reporting Center www.nuforc.com
      Albany, New York Unusual Object Showed Up On Photo June 25, 2007
      Date: First part of June 2007 Time: Approx: 12:00 (noon)
      Caught this on my beachfront after a gentleman told me he had been getting shots of objects that were not visible to the human eye. So we tried- This was not visible when we took the photo! I was floored. This guy and he tells me has been getting all kinds of shots from the same area over Albany NY where my sighting took place. This photo was taken with a brand new Nikkon D200 digital. It was midday, 3 weeks ago. clip.. Steve's Note: Evidently digital cameras are able to 'correctly image'/'view' cloaked/hidden UFO's, that the human eye unaided can not see.
      Lt Walter Haut's Notarized Affidavit Verifying Roswell Egg Shaped Craft Signed Pre Death in 2002 19/06/07 Coast2CoastAM Bill Birnes http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1853198/posts
      Walter Haut had seen the real wreckage. Jesse Marcel had also seen the real wreckage.
      Haut signed an affidavit in 2002; sworn before a witness and notarized by a local notary. He was aware that someone had reported the remains of a downed vehicle the morning of July 7 1947. Then he was aware of growing reports from the civilian sector. People were crawling over the place where the vehicle had been downed.
      The next morning, he walks into the regular Roswell Airfield morning meeting . . . CID Captain . . . who went with Marcel to find the debris . . . he lists the names of those at the meeting . . . And from Carswell Army Airforce Base . . . Ramey . . . . Col Thomas J Dubois . . . came to Roswell on July 8 . . . having a discussion of the extensive debris field in Lincoln County .
      Samples of wreckage were passed around the table . . . Blanchard, and Haut and Ramey and Dubois . . . and Marcel . . . all sat as samples of the wreckage were passed around. It was unlike any material I had or ever seen in my life . . . like foil but unusually strong . . . unusual markings . . . handed from man to man . . . no one was able to identify the crash debris.
      Hanger 84: Haut, upon first approaching the building I observed it was under heavy guard. These were soldiers that came from other units as well . . . already the Army was compartmentalizing it . . .
      Approximately 12-15 feet in length and more of an egg shape . . . witnesses observing an object egg shaped being flatbedded through town . . . no windows, no portholes, no wings, no tail section, no landing gear. . . . I was able to see a couple of bodies under tarp . . . only the heads extended beyond the canvas . . . only the heads were larger than normal . . . 4 feet high the size of these creatures.
      Boyd’s father . . . the creature communicated to him he was dying . . . description by Haut was exactly like the aliens at the end of Close Encounters. . . . he saw the live alien and he described him exactly the same way Haut and Boyd’s father described him—3 witnesses confirming the same description. clip..
      -- -- -- --
      Related: "Witness To Roswell", Tom Carey and Donald Schmitt's new book on the Roswell UFO Crash. http://www.ufocasebook.com/062507.html (excerpt) Excellent Report!!
      The prize witness is Walter Haut, as most of us know, the Roswell base public information officer, who put out Colonel Blanchard's recovered flying disc press release on July 8, 1947.
      Haut's affidavit plus other testimony below revives the crash site 40 miles of north of Roswell where the main craft and bodies were found. Haut also presents a new timeline of the discovery of the site on July 7, which means recovery began at this site at the same time Marcel and Cavitt were out at the Brazel debris field investigating it.
      Another prize eyewitness is Sgt. Frederick Benthal. He was "F.B." in the book: "Crash At Corona", but here he is identified publicly for the first time (or to me anyway). Benthal was the Army photographer flown in from Washington, taken out to the body site, and who photographed the alien bodies in a tent, with everybody else cleared out. Corroborating this was a first/second-hand account from an MP at the site, PFC Ed Sain. He stated he was taken out to the site in one of the ambulances and ordered to shoot anybody who tried to enter a particular tent. His son said his father didn't like to talk about it, but had told him he had guarded the bodies in the tent until they were transported to the base.
      Sain indicated that another MP, Cpl. Raymond Van Why, had gone out with him to the site. Van Why's widow, Leola, said her husband first talked about it in 1954 when he got out of the service. He told her that he had been a guard at a crash site and had seen the round spacecraft.
      Sgt. Homer Rowlette was with the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron. His son Larry and daughter Carlene Green said he told them about it on his deathbed in March 1988. He was part of the cleanup detail sent to the impact site north of Roswell. He handled the infamous "memory foil" described by many others. He described the ship as "somewhat circular" and said he had seen "three little people" with large heads. At least one was alive (just one of the 'live alien' stories).
      PFC Rolland Menagh was another MP at the site, according to sons Michael and Rolland Jr. He described the ship as egg-shaped and seamless. Michael recalled him describing three dead bodies. His father said they loaded the ship onto an 18-wheeler and covered it with a tarp. He escorted it in a jeep as they drove it through the center of town to the base and deposited it in a hangar.
      S. Sgt. Earl Fulford saw his close friend, S. Sgt. George Houck, drive off at 5:00 a.m. July 8 in a low-boy truck, which he presumed was to pick up some wreckage, one of his standard duties. Fulford was an aircraft mechanic who often worked at Hangar 84. During the day civilian mechanics from town kept questioning him about the rumored spaceship with little spacemen. At 4:00 p.m. as he left duty, Fulford saw Houck returning towing a lowboy trailer and carrying a tarped object about the size and shape of a VW Beetle. Houck refused to tell him what was under the tarp, saying he had been ordered not to say.
      The next day he said he was "volunteered" to be part of a work detail of 15-20 men taken out to what we call the Brazel debris field to finish cleaning it up. He said he found only 7 pieces, of the "memory foil" that returned to its original shape.
      Another eyewitness MP, PFC Elias Benjamin, described being ordered to pick up his gun and go out to Hangar P-3 for guard duty on the morning of July 8. He noticed unusually heavy activity around base headquarters. When he got to the hangar, the officer who had ordered him there was being subdued by MPs. He later found out he had been to the crash site, but when he saw the bodies at the hangar he had flipped out. Benjamin said he was placed in charge of escorting 3 or 4 bodies covered with sheets to the base hospital. One of them appeared to be moving. One of the sheets slipped and he saw a grayish face and large hairless head of something that wasn't human. When he got to the hospital and the sheets were removed, he got a much better view of one of the bodies and gave a familiar description of small body, large egg-shaped head, slanted eyes, slit mouth, and two holes for a nose. He thought it was alive and saw the doctors working on it. Afterwards, he was debriefed, forced to sign a non-disclosure statement, and told if he ever talked about it very bad things would happen to him and his family. He still feared he would lose his pension. His wife, who encouraged him to go public, said he first told her the story in 1949 when they were married.
      At the hospital, Miriam 'Andrea' Bush, 27, was a secretary to the hospital administrator Lt. Col. Harold Warne. Warne would take her to an examination room and she saw several small childlike bodies. One was moving. Their skin was greyish to brown and they were covered in something like white linens. Their heads and eyes were large.
      The next day she came home and said nobody was ever to say anything further about it. The family thought she had been very heavily threatened. They said the event so traumatized her that it ruined her life.
      There are several more MPs described guarding the hangar, to go along with some previous accounts, such as from Sgt. Melvin Brown. Pvt. Francis Cassidy told his wife, Sarah Mounce, of seeing the bodies inside. Wanda Lida said her husband, Cpl. Robert J. Lida, said he guarded the hangar and observed wreckage and small bodies inside being prepared for shipment.
      Several more witnesses to the heavily guarded B-29 crate flight from Roswell to Fort Worth are provided.We already knew about Robert Slusher and 'Tim', here publicly identified as Lloyd Thompson. One, S. Sgt. Arthur Osepchook, like the other men, was sure something very important was inside the crate. One interesting statement of his is that when they got back to Roswell they were debriefed and told there were no such things as flying saucers and that a crash of one didn't happen.
      Perhaps the most interesting new B-29 flight account came from Blanche Wahnee, daughter of Capt. Meyers Wahnee. She said her father told the family that the Roswell Incident was true in the last year of his life. A high-level security officer, he was flown in from Fort Simmons in Colorado to Roswell to oversee the transport of a "Top Secret item" from Roswell to Fort Worth on a special B-29 flight. Wahnee was to accompany as a security guard in the bomb bay. He said it contained the alien bodies recovered near Roswell. As did a few other witnesses in the book, he also said there were three sites.
      According to Carey and Schmitt, this was yet another body site near the Brazel debris field. The evidence for this is thinner.
      Dee Proctor, who the Proctor family said was with Brazel when he made his debris field discovery, but also reported he had seen something else that had severely traumatized him. He never said exactly what it was, but he took his mother Loretta to the spot in the 1994 when he thought she might be dying.
      C & S say the story of the Brazel debris field had already circulated widely in the Corona area and many ranchers and rancher kids already knew about it before Brazel reported it.
      One of these kids was Sydney 'Jack' Wright. He told them that he and two other rancher children had gotten there too. They finally got him to state that, "There were bodies small bodies with big heads and eyes. And Mack was there too. We couldn't get away from there fast enough."
      Another perhaps related account came from the widow of Sgt. LeRoy, another MP. She said he was called away one evening to go to a crash site outside of Corona "to help load the bodies." When he returned home the next morning, he had a horrible stench on his clothes. She burned the clothes, but the horrible smell lingered on his body for another two weeks.
      Tech Sergeant Hershel Grice, a ground maintenance crew chief, but who also was a member of Marcel's intelligence team. Grice described Marcel as a "straight arrow." (Haut described him to me this way also. Grice said Marcel described the bodies as "white, rubbery figures."
      One of the more interesting remaining ones came from four sons of Lt. Col. Marion M. Magruder, a legendary WWII Marine aviation commander. According to them, on his deathbed, he confessed to seeing crash wreckage and a live alien at Wright Field two weeks after the incident in mid-to-late July 1947. Mike Magruder said his father described the "creature" as under 5 feet tall, "human-like" but with longer arms, larger eyes, and an oversized, hairless head. It had a slit for a mouth and two holes but no appendages for a nose and ears - the standard 'grey' description. There was no question in his mind that it "came from another planet."
      Some examples were other members of the 603rd Air Engineering Squadron that witness Fulford was in. PFC Eugene C. Helnes: All the talk was of a crashed saucer — right up to the time that I left the base in mid-1949." Sgt. Harvie L. Davis:" I believe that it was a UFO." John Bunch:
      "Everything was hush-hush. We all knew something was going on, but we didn't know what. A lot of planes were coming in and going out, and the airstrip was shut down for a period. The base went into lockdown, and they checked us real close going in and out."
      aut, e.g., in his affidavit described it as about 15 feet long, and Fulford described the tarped object on the truck as about the size of a VW Beetle.
      In general this is a very impressive body of testimony that Carey and Schmitt have collected and has given me a lot of things to think about.
      Boomerang-Shaped Object-California-06-17-07 http://www.ufocasebook.com/062507.html
      Brandon, Manitoba Disk Shaped Objects And Rays Of Light (Photos)
      'Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot
      The following are excerpts from The DULCE Book By BRANTON June 2007)
      http://www.abidemiracles.com/brantonms.html (excerpt)
      [All the stuff from Area 51 and 'S-4' having to do with inertial mass cancellation was moved to an area NEAR ST. GEORGE, UTAH].
      Sirhan Sirhan, the man who was convicted of murdering Senator Robert Kennedy, had a psychi­a­trist by the name of 'Dr. Diamond' who maintained CIA-fascist connections. Also Sirhan's attorney Grant Cooper, who seemingly made very little effort to defend Sirhan, had CIA-fascist ties as well, leading some to believe that Sirhan was used as a hypno-programmed "Manchuri­an Candidate" by a fascist cabal,
      Norio Hayakawa head of 'CIVILIAN INTELLIGENCE NETWORK' P.O. Box 599., Gardena, CA 80248
      Dozens of unmanned, miniature-sized remote-controlled automatic security vehicles constantly patrol the immediate perimeters of the S-4 Site, located around [and presently expanding particularly towards the eastern portion of] Papoose Lake. These automatic, miniature sized four-wheel vehicles have been produced by Sandia Laborato­ries of Albuquerque, New Mexico exclusively for the Department of Energy.
      "The first line of exterior security forces [dressed in military-type camouflage uniforms but with no insignia of any kind whatsoever] consists of the GP patrols [the 'Groom Proper' patrols, in Bronco-type four-wheel drive vehicles] who sometimes drive around at night with their lights off on various country dirt roads adjacent to the outer demilitarized zone, intimidating any civilian vehicle that tries to enter those access roads [off of Highway 375] located on public land. The GP patrols themselves [part of Wackenhut Special Securities Division], however, are strictly ordered to avoid any direct contact with civilians. They are only instructed to radio the Lincoln County Sheriff immediately should anyone be spotted driving on any of those dirt roads.
      DARPA [the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agen­cy]. Some of their activities conducted under the auspices of the Office of Naval Intelligence are being held at locations such as AREA 51.
      Cellular telephone communications are, according to several researchers, strikingly close to the range of frequency waves used in sev­eral ELF emission and microwave experi­ments of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory as well as D.A.R.P.A., the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
      "A large underground genetics laboratory is thought to be located just outside of DULCE, a tiny town in the midst of the Jicarilla-Apache Indian Reservation located about 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos and 100 miles east of [the] sinister-sounding Highway 666, the only stretch of highway in the U.S. with that designation and the only highway that links the four states of Ari­zona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah.
      John Lear heard rumors that Greys had a base under the Groom Mountains. This is the one we believe is called DREAMLAND. One of my sources [a leak] says DREAM is an acronym that stands for Data Repository Establishment And Maintenance. John told me the story of Mr. K, whose son Robert was trapped inside a joint human-Alien underground base in Utah. This Robert had apparently worked at DULCE BASE at one time. A friend of mine once moved to Riverton, Wyoming to escape from terrifying mysteries he en­countered in NEW MEXICO. He said the locals at Riverton asked him, 'Are you here to work on the secret space project out at the jet airport?' Saucers were seen close to the ground in River­ton. One day my friend's truck broke down and he had to hitch a ride to town. A black Lincoln pulled up and a man dressed in black gave him a lift. The dashboard looked like a computer console. The MIB knew exactly where he wanted to be left off in front of the post office, but my friend had never told him. (?Implants?)
      Patrolman Gabe Valdez said he believed about 80 percent of what Bennewitz said concerning Alien activities in the area... he definitely seemed to think there was a base in the area, but his idea of where it is located was different than Paul's. He thought that the base might be south of Dulce, closer to the Gomez Ranch.
      This cosmic battle is essentially being fought between the 'Nordic' bases near Death Valley and the 'Grey' bases near Archuleta Mesa.
      The EBEs are also allergic to high concentrations of sugar (and apparently other substances with a 'left hand atomic spin', it has been claimed. - Branton). You will find that at two locations I have poured sugar around their exits. Always wear magnets near these locations, they interrupt the EBEs' sense of direction [due to an internal compass much like those found in migrating birds] similar to our loss of balance when our ear drum is affected....
      Some es­timate that at the very least 20 million Greys are now actively operating under the surface of planet earth within bases or within natural cavern systems. According to still others, 20 million is a conservative estimate.
      "Collaborators use the cover organization Natural Resources Defense Council, with front of­fices in New York and at 1350 New York Avenue, N.W., suite 300, Washington, D.C. 20005 [tel.(202) 783-7800]. It is headed by Tom Cochran, staffed by Kevin Priestly UNR, John Brune UNR, Holly Eisler UnSan Diego, Gary Reisling Univ. Ca. Pasadena, Holly Nelson NY, Mary Man­ning LV Sun, Ed Vogel LVR; and many others I can reveal later.
      Both the Neva­da Test Site and Deep Springs, California are areas of conflict between a U.S. Goverment - 'Nordic' Alliance AND a Socialist - Reptiloid [Grey] Alliance.
      The 'Benevolents' are reportedly working at the Test Site with MJ-12 and are 'Blond-Nordic and/or Aryan-like' people. I would personally guess that the 'Benevolent Ones' are members of the exterran Andro-Pleiadean Federation and/or members of the subterran Telosian-Agharti Alliance which has maintained ties with the ASHTAR collective, or in this case the non-collaboration faction of that collective.
      The 'Benevolents' are reportedly working at the Test Site with MJ-12 and are 'Blond-Nordic and/or Aryan-like' people. I would personally guess that the 'Benevolent Ones' are members of the exterran Andro-Pleiadean Federation and/or members of the subterran Telosian-Agharti Alliance which has maintained ties with the ASHTAR collective, or in this case the non-collaboration faction of that collective.
      Aside from reports that Dougway, Utah serves as an underground 'link' between Dream­land and DULCE, there is the added claim that another underground link exists farther south, at Page, Arizona. Anyone who has been to the Glen Canyon dam [Lake Powell] could easily ob­serve how the dam might be used as an entrance to such a base, and how the large hydroelec­tric facility might power the base operations. The Glen Canyon Dam connection was not specifi­cally mentioned [by former Dulce base security officer Thomas E. Castello who named Page, Arizona as a 'connecting' base], however if there is a base under Page, then it would be logical to utilize this hydroelectric facility in one form or another...
      'Battle-grounds' between the AMERICAN-COM12-CA­BAL-PHILADELPHIAN-NORDIC and the BAVARIAN-AQUARIUS-MAJI-PHOENICIAN-Reptiloid forces within high-security military complexes like those which permeate the underground territories below California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma and New Mexico... and ap­parently centered specifically in or near underground military-industrial systems beneath: Lancaster, California; Mercury, Nevada; Burley, Idaho; Dougway, Utah; Page, Arizona; the under­ground systems below the Denver International Airport of Colorado; and also below Oklahoma City.
      "Bechtel (pronounced BECK-tul, a San Francisco - based organization - Branton) is a super­secret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a 'Shadow Government' -- a working arm of the CIA. It is the largest Construc­tion and Engineering outfit in the U.S.A. and the World [and some say, beyond]. "The most important posts in the U.S.A. Government are held by former Bechtel Officers. They are part of 'The Web' [an inter-connected control system] which links the Tri-lateralist plans, the C.F.R., the Order of 'Illuminism' [Cult of the All-seeing Eye] and other interlocking groups..."
      "D.A.R.P.A. [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] is using these technologies to ma­nipulate people. They established 'The Projects,' set priorities, coordinate efforts and guide the many participants in these undertakings. Related Projects are studied at Sandia Base by 'The Jason Group' [of 55 Scientists]. They have secretly harnessed the Dark Side of Technolo­gy and hidden the beneficial technology from the public.
      Other Projects take place at 'Area 51' in Nevada... 'Dream-land' [Data Repository Establish­ment and Maintenance Land]; Elmint [Electromagnetic Intelligence]; Cold Empire; Code EVA; Program HIS [Hybrid Intelligence System]: BW/CW; IRIS [Infrared Intruder Systems]; BI-PASS; REP-TILES, etc.
      "The studies on Level Four at Dulce include Human Aura research, as well as all aspects of Dream, Hypnosis, Telepathy, etc. [research]. They know how to manipulate the Bioplasmic Body. They can lower your heartbeat with Deep Sleeve 'Delta Waves,' induce a static shock, then reprogram, Via a Brain-Computer link. They can introduce data and programmed reactions into your Mind [Information impregnation -- the 'Dream Library'].
      "We are entering an era of Technologicalization of Psychic Powers... The develop­ment of tech­niques to enhance man/machine communications; Nano-tech; Bio-tech micro-machines; PSI-War; E.D.O.M. [Electronic Dissolution of Memory]; R.H.I.C. [Radio-Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Con­trol]; and various forms of behavior control [via chemical agents, ultrasonics, optical and other EM radiations]. The Physics of 'Consciousness.'...
      "SURVIVING THE FUTURE... The Dulce Facility consists of a central 'Hub.' the Security Section [also some photo labs]. The deeper you go, the stronger the Security. This is a multi-leveled complex. There are over 3000 cameras at various high-security locations [exits and labs].
      "They have also underwater bases off the coast of Florida and Peru.
      "In the 1930's, DIVISION FIVE of the FBI knew about the 'A-liens.' There is a 'WEB' of a fascist totalitarian secret police state... within the Pen­tagon; JCS, DIA, FBI [Division Five]; DISC/DIS and the DIA. Note: The Defense Investigative Ser­vices insignia is a composite of the Sun's rays, a rose and a dagger, symbolizing 'The Search for Information, Trustworthiness and Danger.'
      Tube shuttles go to and from Dulce to facilities below Taos, N.M.; Datil, N.M.; Colo­rado Springs, Colorado; Creede, Colorado; Sandia; then on to Carlsbad, New Mexico. There is a vast network of tube shuttle connections under the U.S. which extends into a global system of tunnels and sub-cities.
      QUESTION - When exactly was the [upper human-occupied level of the] Archuleta installation constructed?
      ANSWER - I heard Dulce was started in 1937-38 by the Army engineers, enlarged over the years, most recent work was completed 1965-66 to connect tunnels to the Page [Arizona] Base, site of one of the older underground facilities. The four corners base is called PERICA. Most of the Native Americans [the Indians] living in that area are aware of that base, and could tell us about the underground life forms that frequently are spotted near those communities, Bigfoot, etc.
      The underground NORAD facilities of Colorado were constructed within already-existing cavern systems, suggesting that Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver were correct when as early as the mid-1940's they wrote about the government's search for ancient underground cave and tunnel systems to be converted for their own use. - Branton)
      A -- According to several senior maintenance workers, part of it was blasted by nuclear devices in the sixties. There are sections, like the shuttle tunnels, that were formed by an advanced tunneling machine that leaves the tunnel walls smooth. The finished walls in those tubes re­semble polished black glass. -- Nature started the caverns. The Draco [Reptilian humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries. Later, through RAND Corporation plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulfur springs that the 'A-liens' found perfect for their needs. The Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad caverns in size.
      Q -- Are the various electromagnetically-controlled air or space craft -- [that have been seen] leaving from and arriving at Mt. Archuleta -- manned by humans, the 'A-lien entities', or both?
      A -- Archuleta Mesa is a minor area... the craft leave [and are stored] in five areas. One is SE of DULCE, one near Durango Co., one at Taos, N. M., and the main fleet is stored at LOS ALAM­OS [under].(Note: I believe Thomas Castello is referring to the 'joint-operational' fleet. From combined sources however it appears as if Dulce is absolutely SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES by 'A-lien' bases, and that Archuleta peak -- although apparently the central NEXUS of the entire under­ground network -- is nevertheless just one part of an overall complex that some claim is nearly the size of Manhattan!
      Dulce nevertheless lies over a major cross­roads of A-lien activity even though the 'core' of A-lien activi­ty has been extended to Los Alamos. Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and south­east of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest seem to be the MAJOR 'nest' of Reptiloid/Grey forces in North America, although there is also a large number of 'dens' scat­tered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51.
      Q -- Some of the entities below Dulce are not of extra­terrestrial ORIGIN, and that they are actually descended from saurian or Reptiloid beings such as the Ve­lociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus -- a serpentine race or races similar to that hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis?
      A -- Yes, some Reptoids are native to this planet. The ruling caste of A-liens ARE Reptilian. The beige or white beings are called The Draco. Other Reptilian beings are green, and some are brown. They were an ancient race on Earth, living underground.
      Q -- Where do the little Grey A-liens fit in?
      A -- They work for, and are controlled by the Draco. There are other Grey skinned beings that are not in league with the Draco. Decisions involving that caste were usually made by the white Draco.
      Q -- Are there other sites tied-in to the 'shuttle network' other than those which you men­tioned, and if so, where are the entrances?
      That worldwide network is called the "Sub-Global System." It has "check points" at each country entry. There ARE shut­tle tubes that 'shoot' the trains at incredible speeds using a mag-lev and vacuum method. They travel at a speed that excels the speed of sound. The easiest way to answer is to say every state in the U.S.A. has them. Frequently, the entrances are camouflaged as sand quarries, or mining operations. Other complex portals are found on military bases. New Mexico and Arizona have the largest numbers of entrances followed by California, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Wyoming has a road that opens directly into the subterranean freeway. It's located near Brooks Lake.
      Q -- Are there any 'bases' in the state of Utah? (Note: Thomas mentioned several areas sur­rounding Utah -- Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Idaho, where there are 'connec­tions', but little on Utah which according to some sources lies directly over one of the largest NATURAL cavern systems in North America, one that is said to reach deep beneath the Western Rockies as well as beneath the Bonneville basin) Have you heard anything about an alleged underground installation within the Wasatch Mountains...?
      A -- Salt Lake, Lake Powell Area, Dark Canyon, Dougway Grounds, Modena, Vernal. All have exits there. Others too.
      (Note: There have been many rumors of ancient 'tunnel' systems being intersected during the excavations of sub-basement levels below major industrial and mall areas in downtown Salt Lake City. Various stories surrounding these tunnels include: Explorers who have entered the tunnels and never returned; Reports of 'lizard people' down in the labyrinths; Reports of Greys working with humans on electronic equipment and massive building projects going on in huge caverns beneath the mountains to the east; Reports of humans who are part of an Asian-based 'Agharti' kingdom who maintain colonies within the tunnels and caverns below -- who are in conflict with the Reptiloids, Greys, and a group collaborating human fascists from a network of massive underground facilities beneath the Neu Shwabenland region of Antarctica:
      Abductees who are taken below and encounter all types of A-liens;
      Discs that have been seen emerging from the mountains to the east and attacking incoming UFOs over the valley; Reports of connections to the tunnel sys­tems via the sewer-drainage network especially underneath the downtown "Crossroads" area;
      Reports of a huge cavern network that reaches beyond the border of the state in all directions, a huge network that connects the underground systems of Nevada with those of New Mexico.
      LDS church maintained a large storage facility under Granite Mountain in Little Cottonwood canyon, within the upper levels of a vast network of caverns. Fascist CIA elements and the Greys came in and took control of the larger caverns deeper within the mountain and ordered the 'vault' workers to stay out of the 'forbidden' areas -- and stated that the "U.S. Government" was now using them for "National Security" purposes and that it was their "patriotic duty" to maintain the secret.
      Telosian-Agharti-Melchizedek-Mayan underground colonies had existed below the Salt Lake Flats, the Salt Lake Valley and the Western Rockies. These subterraneans had formerly established territorial agreements with the Reptiloids and Greys before the A-liens begun invading their subterranean lands below the intermountain west en-masse in the early 1900's. The treaties were part of an attempt to stave off a possible inter-species conflict, as skirmishes between the humanoids [Teros] and Reptiloids [Deros] within the cavern networks of North America had been increasing since the 1920's, 30's and 40's. The underground U.S. base networks [which were funded by American tax dollars by the way] were taken over by the Greys.
      There is a remnant collaboration such as that taking place in the underground facilities near Paradox Nevada where collectivist humanoids and Reptiloids from Sirius and Sol still maintain a collaboration of necessity -- in order to establish a global control system. However a large number of humanoids within the underground systems are at war with the collectivist-interventionist Reptilian infiltrators who would otherwise 'assimilate' these humanoids into their collective through deception, espionage and mind control.
      Q -- Does the Mt. Archuleta "shuttle system" connect with a shuttle system which allegedly ra­diates from Mt. Shasta in northern California?
      A -- Yes. Mt. Shasta is a major site of A-lien - Elder Race - Reptilian Race - Human meetings.
      There are apparently two 'nations' occupying the United States, the traditional grass-roots 'America' established by the founding fathers and led by the 'Electorate' government, and the fascist Bavarian-lodge-backed 'underground nation' led by the 'Corporate' government which is contesting the original 'America' on its own soil. The NWO corporate elite and their Draconian masters intend to 'depopulate' the surface of this planet AND the underground systems as well.
      There are several claims that the collabora­tion with the Reptilians began with the Luciferian cults of Bavaria, and was later brought into America via the infiltration of the Scottish Rite and the fascist core of the NSA-CIA. There may have nevertheless been a Reptilian presence below North America within the cav­erns that dates back several centuries, however a MASSIVE Reptilian infestation of these underground systems seems to have begun near the beginning of the 20th century.
      'Mt. Archuleta' might be considered the 'capital' of the A-lien segment of the 'secret' [Bavarian-Draconian] New World Order government in America
      -- with the deep underground systems beneath the Denver International Airport being the 'capital' of the HUMAN segment of the secret government. - Branton).
      A -- Truman received assurance to new high tech knowledge, and victory over all enemies on Earth. He then was introduced to Samaza and Khoach, A-liens from Bootes and Tiphon [Draco], both Reptilian 'kings' or Embassadors. Truman updated the '100 Treaty' [that began IN 1933, Roosevelt] and requested magnetic advance, space knowledge and experiments. Khoach agreed, Samaza partially agreed. He exchanged hostages for genetic experiments and magnetic advance, but vetoed space and beam weaponry.
      Q -- Did you notice any involvement of high-level Freemasons, Rosecrucians or Jesuits within the underground installation and/or with the A-liens?
      A - Yes I did, but that is a loaded question, and I won't comment further. I AM a member of the "Sub-Galactic League" of Costa Rica.
      Q -- Is there any truth to the allegations that the CIA/'A-liens' have established 'bases' on the moon, and also Mars?
      A -- I've HEARD that too, but I haven't seen proof with my own eyes. The 'A-liens' do allegedly have bases on several moons of Jupiter and Saturn.
      (Note: Perhaps we should have referred to the CIA's superior agency, the NSA, whose personnel reportedly pilot the "black-budget UFOs" be­tween the LUNA and DREAMLAND bases. - Branton).
      A --At Dulce I saw elevators that were "off limits" unless you had an UM­BRA or higher security clearance. [My clearance was ULTRA-7]
      Q -- Some insist that the U.S./Secret government has developed it's own disk-craft based large­ly upon top secret antigravity experiments carried out by the Nazi-German scientists during World War II. Have you heard anything referring to this?
      A -- Once in the Air Force I developed a roll of film that showed a craft LIKE ADAMSKI'S, WITH A SWASTIKA ON THE SIDE.
      Barney and his wife Betty were abducted by Grey-skinned humanoids "from Zeta Reticuli". One of the 'beings' on the craft was described by Barney Hill under regressive hypnosis as a figure with an EVIL face... HE LOOKS LIKE A GERMAN NAZI.
      The secret Nazi teams involved in the construction and operation of the underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwa­benland and elsewhere in Antarctica were called ULTRA teams. ULTRA is also the code-name for the DULCE base! Also there seems to be a direct connection between the Dulce base and the Montauk base in Long Island -- which was/is[?] reputedly jointly operated by the Draconian Reptiloids, Orion Greys and the Bavarian Thule Society which had backed the Nazi agenda. - Branton)
      Q -- Tom, did you have access to the A-lien craft? Were you ever inside any of them?
      A -- Yes, I frequently saw them in the garages, there are quite a few of them. The main fleet is stored at Los Alamos. Yes, I entered several crafts. Certain areas, the outermost sections, almost felt and looked alive.
      The joined (human and Alien) resistance group got bigger and bolder. It ended when a military assault was initiated via the exit tunnels and they executed anybody on their list, human or Reptilian. We believe it was the Delta Force [because of the uniforms and the method they used] that chose to hit at shift change, an effort that killed as many as named on their list. [Note: The assault involved different security forces including the Delta Force, Black Berets, Air Force Blue Berets, Secret Service, FBI Division Five, CIA stormtroopers and Dulce Base security.
      Q -- Tell me more about the flash gun. Is it difficult to operate, or is it like the weapon on Star Trek, that can stun or kill on different modes?
      A -- It is an advanced beam weapon that can operate on three different phases. Phase one, like Star Trek, can stun and maybe kill, if the person has a weak heart. On phase two, it can levitate ANYTHING no matter what it weighs. Phase three is the SERIOUS BUSINESS mode. It can be used to paralyze anything that lives, animal, human, A-lien and plant.
      On the higher position on the same mode, it can create a TEMPORARY DEATH. I assure you, any doctor would certify that person is dead, but their life essence lingers in some strange limbo, some kind of terrible state of non-death. In one to five hours the person will revive, slowly; first the bodily functions will begin, and in a few minutes, consciousness followed with full awareness.
      In that mode the A-lien scientists re-program the human brain and plant false information. When the person awakes, he 'recalls' the false information as information he gained through life experience. There is no way for a person to learn the truth. The human mind 'remembers' and believes completely the false data. If you attempt to inform them, they would laugh or get angry. They NEVER believe the truth. Their mind always forgets the experience of re-programming.
      The strongest position will vaporize any thing that lives. That mode is so powerful it will leave NO TRACE of what it vaporized.
      Q -- What type of security is found at the Dulce Base? What else is used against espionage or unauthorized entry?
      A -- I'll mention a few, but it would be nearly impossible to cover it all. The weapon, besides the Flash Gun, mostly used is a form of sonic. Built in with each light fixture [and most cam­corders] is a device that could render a man unconscious in seconds with nothing more than a silent tone. At Dulce there also are still and VCR cameras, eye print, hand print stations, weight monitors, lasers, ELF and EM equipment, heat sensors and motion detectors and quite a few other methods.
      There is no way you could get very far into the base. If you made it to the sec­ond level, you would be spotted within fifteen feet. More than likely, you would become an in­mate and never see the light of the surface world again. If you were 'lucky', you would be re-programmed and become one of the countless spies for the Ruling Caste.
      There is never a chance to roam on the fifth level. The A-lien housing area is off limits to any human. The Hub is surrounded by security, arsenal, military and CIA\FBI sections. The area past the security is one of the most secured areas because it houses so many classified files. The entire east side of the fifth level is off limits except for security personnel holding ULTRA-7 [security clearance] or higher. The garage on the west side of the fifth level requires ULTRA-4 clearance.
      Dulce is a SECRET FACILITY. They work HARD to make sure nobody can find the place. If everyone could easily find it, it wouldn't be a SECRET facility. I've explained the extreme security methods they use. There is other proof available. There are five sets of copies in five different boxes in five different locations that hold complete proof of every thing I have tried to explain. Here is a list of contents of each box (delivered into the safe-keeping of five individuals known only to Thomas Castello and to the individual recipients - Branton): That government branch KNOWS THE TRUTH and they publicly lie.

      Q -- What about the elevators, do they drop from the surface to the seventh level in a couple of seconds? Do you know anything about them? Are they electrically lifted? Every where on the surface world there are elevators made by Otis Elevator Company. Does that company make the elevators at Dulce?

      A -- I failed to notice what brand was available in the elevators at the base. I could tell you that there is no elevator anywhere at Dulce that drops from the surface to the seventh level. The security blue prints show the levels are 'stepped' down. Each level drops one floor only. Not even the Hub has an express elevator. After the third level, not only would you change eleva­tors, you are weighed and color coded, before you re-enter the car.

      All the elevators are mag­netically controlled, even lights in elevators, as well as all lights on all levels are magnetically induced. The light bulbs are not the type bought on the surface, but a totally different type of light system. The illumination found there is a closer match to natural sunlight than any artifi­cial light on the surface world. The shape of the elevators is unique. If you have ever seen a Tupperware sugar bowl, you could see the shape copied in the elevator. Sort of like an open ended oval with another half oval on each side. The elevator shaft matches the shape perfectly. The magnetic controls are in the half oval shape. If you could stand in or close to the half ovals, you would feel the slight pull of the power of those magnets. The motion is smooth and silent, there is a nearly unnoticed surge when the motion starts or stops. There are no cables needed, because the lift is magnetic, not electric. Since there are no cables in the elevator cars there is no chance of them falling.
      Q -- Is there an A-lien installation under Groom Lake or Papoose Lake at the Nevada Test Site, and are they conducting biological research at these sites?
      A -- Most of the stuff at the Groom facility deals with defense, but there is a large storage area in the tunnels that holds thousands of A-lien craft parts. From what I have heard, the medical tests at the Nevada Test Site are conducted by and for the Navy.
      Q -- The Aerospace companies have a secret underground installation in the Tehachapi Mountains, not far from Rosamond near Edwards AFB. Insiders refer to the Tahachapi Installment as the Ant Hill. They are experimenting with advanced technology such as antigravity disks. Some have seen basketball sized floating orbs patrol the facility.
      A -- The California mountains [Tehachapi, Chocolate, Shasta, etc.] all have A-lien security meth­ods and equipment. The basketball size orbs are used for unmanned patrol.
      Q -- Is there anything you can tell me about the moon - A-lien installations? Atmosphere? U.S. bases?
      A -- There is not much I can tell you there. I wasn't in the Lunar Program. I heard there was a LOT of equipment sent to the moon between 1959-1964 under "Project Whiteout".
      Q -- How do the A-liens use magnetism? Do they use it as an energy source? Is there more we need to know about magnetism?
      A -- The A-liens use magnetics for EVERY THING! They use magnetics as the basic structure for their energy source. The more you learn about magnetics, the better. The Human Race calls them 'magnets', the A-liens call them 'lodestar'. They have been harvesting lodestars [lode­stones] for centuries.
      Q -- What do the A-liens do with the cow blood and other parts from mutilated animals? Do they need these fluids for research or survival?
      A -- The A-liens use the blood and body parts for formula to keep them alive [their food] and for use in the growing vats, and for the artificial wombs. Plasma and amniotic fluid are the two most vital ingredients for their lives. Also, the 'sap' of some plants can keep them alive for months. Most of the plants are parasitic in nature, but red grapes and okra plants can also be added to the formula to keep them alive, if they have no 'regular' formula.
      Q -- Female abductees report being inseminated by A-liens. Are they trying to hybridize our species?
      A -- Yes, they are breeding slave-warriors for the upcoming war with the A-lien races (the Nordic races? - Branton). The serpentine races are in orbit around Earth, Venus and Mars.
      Q -- Abductees have reported that the A-liens can pass their bodies and that of the abductee through window glass. Is this a feat of magic achieved by advanced technology or is it a psy­chic power?
      A -- The A-liens have mastered atomic matter. They can go through walls like we go through wa­ter! It is not magic, just physics. We can learn to do the same thing. It has to do with controlling atoms at will.
      Q -- Are you in communication with benevolent A-liens or do you have contacts that are? If you are, can you tell us how we can communicate with their teams?
      A -- I am not at liberty to discuss communications with any friendly A-lien life forms. I can tell you there is a friendly factor active in Costa Rica, I am in direct communica-tion with that factor. I am an active member of the Sub-Galactic League of Costa Rica. This organization, using a small satellite dish, a television set and ham radio equip-ment reached this factor. I might suggest that by using similar equipment and a low band frequency, you may reach the same factor.
      Q -- Do you stay in the U.S.A., or do you live abroad?
      A -- I spent time in South America, fighting the drug cartel [it's not the citizens, it's the secret government, top officials AND American alphabet boys -- CIA, FBI, etc.]. I settled in Costa Rica, 'bought' a small house in Limon. Actually it is a shanty that some one abandoned. I paid the equivalency of $11 to one of the local constables for the right to call it 'mine'. I've worked in one of the underground bases near the Panama border. It's in the mountains, not very far from a passive but 'active' volcano. It is not as fancy as Dulce, but the people are wonderful.

      Q -- Are there any other security level names [other than 'secret' - 'top secret' - 'ultra']?

      A -- There are many other security clearances, here are a few, UMBRA, STELLAR, G2-7Z, TRIAD, UMT [Universal Military Training] and UMS [Universal Military Service], ASTRAL and SUB-AS­TRAL. UMBRA is higher than ULTRA

      (Note: It may be conceivable that some of the higher secu­rity clearances are used for the joint human-A-lien interstellar projects. For instance Whitley Streiber described an abduction to another planetary sphere where he encountered ancient ru­ins, A-liens and human personnel dressed in military kackies and carrying camcorders, automat­ic weapons, etc.

      Obviously such personnel would have to possess an extremely high security classification, such as "Universal Military Service" for instance? The joint A-lien-illuminati "alter­native-3" projects have reportedly taken part in joint offensive operations against the peaceful resi­dents of other worlds, this according to a couple who 'defected' from the alternative-3 movement after an agent from the 'Federation' warned them about such atrocities. - Branton)
      Q -- What are the eating habits of the A-liens? Are they carnivores?
      A -- That depends weather they are one of the Grey worker caste, one of the Reptilian worker caste, or one of the higher developed Draconian Leaders. Also, the created beings, replicants, type two being, or one of the really strange [genetic] mixtures. I'll try to cover a little of each. The formula includes amniotic water, plasma and several other body parts [raw, usually bovine]. This nearly clear mixture with a texture of pureed peaches, and almost in that color.
      The Greys make the attempt not to 'eat' around the humans, because the odor of it is VERY un­pleasant to ANY human. They can spend days or even weeks between feed­ings. The working caste of the Reptilians eat meat, insects and a large variety of plants including vegetables and fruit. They prefer their meat raw and very fresh, but have learned to enjoy some cooked meat like rare beef steak
      (Note: According to many abductees, the Reptiloids are not above eating human flesh. It has been said that they prefer flesh that is young enough to be free of toxins, yet old enough to be imbued with a lifetime of accumulated "emotional energy residue" which is resident within the human body.
      The Ruling Caste is SECRETIVE about their foods. They RARELY eat in sight of any other species. They carefully choose their food, then carry their meal to their quarters. It was only when dignitaries arrive at the base did they join their meals. They enjoy the same foods we do.
      The "human looking" replicants eat some cooked vegetables. They rely on vitamins and liquid protein for sustenance. Engineered beings have a special diet created for their dietary needs: a mixture of several organ foods blended with plasmatic fluids, amniotic liquids and parasiti-plasm materials. These unique 'animals' also enjoy occasional green plants, usually grasses or lettuce. The creatures that are designed to become warriors, eat protein filled liquids.
      Q -- In the Dulce Papers, copper seems to be high on the importance list. In what methods is copper used?
      A -- One of the main uses of copper at Dulce is containment of the magnetic flow, magnets are used every where at that base. The infamous vats' interiors are lined with copper, and the exte­rior walls are clad with stainless steel. The mechanical arm that stirs the liquid is made of a copper alloy. Other uses include dietary needs in a few of the transbiotic beings.
      There are several specially made cells or rooms built first with lead, then magnetic steel then clad in cop­per. It is in those cells on the Fourth Level that contain living aural essence. This essence is what you would call [a captured disembodied] 'soul' or..."astral body".
      Robert, a remote viewer, saw Greys and Reptiloids operating in the deeper levels of Pine Gap and also Nordic-type humans who were apparently captives and who did NOT seem to be very happy about being there. - Branton)
      Embryonic tissue has no immunological activity, therefore it cannot provoke the defense mechanism in a recipient. IT WILL JOIN THE BODY NOT AS A FOREIGN ANTI­GEN, BUT AS A NATURAL PROTEIN. He further discusses solitary generation, com­monly called virgin birth, but also known as parthenogenesis. With one "virgin birth" in 1.6 million births average ON THE SURFACE of the world, in Dulce that rate is reversed. Occasionally, a "normally born" human infant is born in the hospital wards on the Seventh Level. Parthenogenesis is the method used to grow type two beings.
      Q -- How are the human workers stopped from telling everything about Dulce?
      A -- Implants, fear threats to harm the families, EM control, also reprogramming with ELF [Ex­tremely Low Frequency] and drugs are the most common methods to 'encourage' the workers not to divulge the location or daily routine.
      Q -- A construction worker at "The Ant Hill" [The Northrup's Tehachapi Base] reports seeing 10-12 foot tall human looking beings in lab coats. Who are these guys, are they from the hol­low earth?
      A. They are probably inner earth drones [workers]. The deeper you get, the stranger the life forms. The tall men are from the subterranean levels, lower yet are the dwarfed deformed forms. I don't trust either of them. There are other forms, that both the tall men and the dwarfed men fear and loathe, they are similar to Bigfoot in appearance, but extremely violent and enjoy eating what ever they find while it is still alive! They are subhuman and demented, with an IQ around 15
      These lower 'Bigfoot' type creatures have more of a resemblance to apes than to the more "human-like" faces and features of the much friendlier Sasquatch people who frequent the surface. They dwell in wild cav­ern systems some 6 or more miles deep, along with other very large and dangerous Insectoid and quadruped or serpentine Reptilian life forms reminiscent to something from out of a hadean nightmare.
      The Reptiloid [hominoid as opposed to quadruped or serpentine] life forms stay in caves or caverns that aren't very deep. They prefer desert mountains. They use camouflage rather than fighting, but they do carry vril rods for protection [flash guns]. (The "snake-with-wings" is used mostly by the GREYS and also as a medical symbol for the Delta Force - Branton). REPTOIDS use a dragon with its tail in its mouth [a circle] with seven pointed stars in the middle.
      Q -- There have been reports of the Delta Force having black vans with no tires that hover over the ground. How much are we [U.S.A.] already inter-working with A-lien cultures?
      A -- I haven't seen the black vans you mentioned. We are totally submerged with A-lien cultures. Very little of the original human cultures have survived.
      Contacting Reptiloids: Wear something with a reptile [not something violent, like St. George killing the Dragon!] in sight. If you see one, keep your hands OPEN, palm forward, arms DOWN. That is the non-aggression approach. DON'T raise your arms, unless told to. DON'T carry anything in your hands or arms. If he doesn't run, walk SLOWLY towards him. Let him speak first.
      They consider humans repulsive and hostile and threatening [with good reason!]. DON'T try to offer him anything, DON'T touch him or anything of his. If he hisses at you, back up a couple feet, but DON'T LOOK AWAY! It simply means he finds you smelly. DON'T try to overpower him, he is stronger than ten or twelve men! Usually, if he hasn't run so far, he is curious and wants to talk to you. FIGHT YOUR FEAR and your thoughts of panic.Try to keep a small camera with you at all times. When you search for Reptoids, keep it in your pocket.
      The Groom Lake Facility does fly several A-lien craft that regularly fly over unpopu-lated lands that go back and forth from several bases, Southern California has several notable areas. Twenty Nine Palms -- Lancaster or Chocolate Mountains are well know for such activities. There are several mines in the Chocolate Mts. that open into a base highway, but be aware that they are patrolled regularly and there are cameras there.
      Q -- What are the dimensions of the Dulce Facility? What is the top depth?
      A -- There are 1,700 paved miles of roads under Dulce and Northern New Mexico., towards Los Alamos is another 800 miles of tunnels. The base is STILL GROWING [due west]. The First Level starts 200 feet from the surface. Each level has a ceiling of seven feet, ex­cept levels six and seven, the ceiling there is 45 and 60 feet. There are approximately 45 feet or more between each level. The average highway ceiling is twenty five feet. The HUB at the base is 3,000 feet wide. Use a 7.5 minute scale map to try to comprehend the size of the place.
      Q -- Are there "regular vehicle" exits that can be observed from the ground?
      A -- Yes, but they are inside Los Alamos.
      Q -- Are their aerial exits that can be observed?
      A -- Twenty miles due north of Dulce (across the border into southern Colorado? - Branton) is a large hanger, it is hidden by a facade of cliffs. Look for an isolated short road on the top of a mesa, with no road to or from the top.
      Q -- Are the ventilation shafts visible?
      A -- The ventilation shafts are hidden by bushes or vents inside caves. There are five on the top of the mesa, be aware there are cameras inside most of the vents.
      Q -- Is there external security, and could we recognize them in or around the town itself?
      A -- There is minimal security on the surface, most of the men [and women] are Air Force or "highway crew" men. There used to be a Best Western motel that hosts or hires a lot of Base workers from Level One. I don't know if that motel is still operational. Most of the security force live in Santa Fe. Others live at White Pine [Los Alamos].
      Q -- Are there security sensors? What type? If so, what is their power source?
      A -- Yes there are many types of sensors, radar, infrared, heat sensors, microwave, EMGW, and satellite. Most of the sensors are powered by magnetic power. The only thing you may notice on the surface, would be an occasional satellite dish.
      Q -- What are Greys susceptible to?
      A -- The Greys are photosensitive, any bright light hurts their eyes. They avoid sunlight, and travel at night. Camera flashes causes them to back up. It could be used as a weapon against them, but they recover quickly. It could buy enough time to escape.
      What really confuses them is saying things in "pig-latin". We learned that in a hurry, and used it against them [the GREYS] in the Dulce Wars.
      Q -- Can we shield ourselves against their mental control?
      A -- We CAN shield ourselves against them, however 95% of the human race never try to con­trol their thoughts, and controlling our own thoughts is the best weapon. Control­ling my own thoughts have kept me alive for years.
      Q -- What is your birth date, and where were you born?
      A -- 23 April 1941, Glen Ellyn, IL [actually in a farm at home, in the place now called Glen Ellyn, my birth certificate list is at Wheaton, IL] END OF CASTELLO INTERVIEW.
      The method of rule is a monarchy. The 'king' wears purple. The high colors of social lev­el wear green, yellow, and white. The lower levels wore brown.
      "Their body metabolism is very high, estimated at 110 to 115 degrees. Elimination is through osmosis. Skin color of the ruling echelon varies from a jaundiced yellow to white. No hair of any kind. The arms are long -- near to knee level. They have very long hands and fingers. All of them look underfed. They have big heads and eyes. The humanoid types are generally light green. When in need of formula or dead they turn GREY. Many in this culture walk with a limp or shuffle their feet...
      "There is a council in the North called THE NINE. ALL of them seem to be cut from the same pattern. All appear to be highly vindictive and ego-oriented. Their 'god' is called 'TA'."
      "Another group, calling themselves the 'Orange' -- their base is on the west slope of Mt. Archuleta -- directly west of the south end of the U.S. base and near NW of the apparent main landing area they call "The Diamond". This, because from a distance, it looks diamond shaped in the photographs when looking somewhat south west past the observation tower toward the ridged peak SE of Mt. Archuleta. This ridged peak has no name, I call it South Peak.
      The apparent black limousines are CIA. End Bennewitz Letter
      The cover-up became a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY [a blanket word covering secrecy and deception]. The cover-up involves secret organizations within our government such as MJ-12, PI-40, MAJI, Delta, the Jason Scholars, & known intelligence organizations such as Naval Intelligence, Air Force Office of Special Investigation, the Defense Investigative Service, the CIA, NSA, and more! It involves THINK TANKS such as RAND, the Ford Foundation, the Aspen Institute, & Brookings Institute. It involves corporations such as Bechtel, GE, ITT, Amoco, Northrup, Lockheed, & many others. It involves SECRET SOCIETIES who may be the hidden bosses of the orchestrated events [i.e. economic collapse, wars, assassinations, conspiracies to manipulate & control humans & thereby to exercise enormous power over the destiny of the human race] - the Illuminati, Masons, Knights of Malta, etc. The whole of this conspiracy forms an INTERLOCKING NEXUS. The goal is said to be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT [Dictatorship]!
      "'The Underground Nation' - The RAND symposium held on Deep Underground Construction indicated that plans were hatched during the 50's to build underground bases, laboratories, & city-complexes linked by a stupendous network of tunnels to preserve & protect the ongoing secret interests of the secret societies. These secret societies made a pact with A-lien entities in order to further motives of domination..." The secret societies] are now being 'dominated' by the 'A-liens'.
      "...A-lien vehicles are being tested at the A-lien physical technology center at S-4 at the Nevada Test Site. A-lien vehicles are being replicated at Kirtland AFB & Sandia Laboratories & these replicas are referred to as ARVs “[A-lien Reproductive Vehicles] McDonnell- Douglass, Lockheed, and Northrup Corps. are now involved with the 'replication' of A-lien hardware for the Military-Industrial establishment.
      "At least three of these vehicles are stored in hangers at Norton AFB, California. It is alleged that vehicle propulsion units were constructed by General Electric & composite materials were provided by Amoco.
      Delta security has a lot to do with inter-service projects. The Trilateral insignia [A-lien] has been seen on a disk at Edwards AFB, CA and Area 51 in Nevada. The Delta Hanger is on the North Base at Edwards. You need a special badge to get near it. It is a red badge with a black triangle on the face of it and personal information on the back. When people assigned to Delta would break down and cry for no apparent reason, you would never see them again. The NRO [National Recon Organization] recruits for DELTA out of Fort Carson, Colorado. DELTA are orphans, have no relatives, etc. If you work at Dreamland and go on leave or are not back on time they send 'bounty hunters' after you. Area 51 is at Groom Lake in Nevada. The disks are flown there. End Cooper
      There are craft based at Kirtland AFB and Holloman AFB [* No - only know of one based at HAFB] and some place in Texas [possibly Ft. Hood, Texas - a guess only]. He has computed the speeds of [the] flying saucers at 15,000 mph and indicates that THE PILOTS [* of ours] ARE FROM N.S.A., THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY.
      ["He says that they come from six differ<br/><br/>(Message over 64 KB, truncated)
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