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Re: [hameltech] Re: Hamel Device featured on myth busters

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  • Kukulcangod
    Dell I started to read about that Tesla apparatus ,because of my shower head! The darn thing at all times of day and brand new made the whole second to first
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 9, 2007
                  I started to read about that Tesla apparatus ,because of my shower head!
      The darn thing at all times of day and brand new made the whole second to first floor piping vibrate with very low rumble and violently inside the hollow walls , so my neighbors started to complaint , I left the thing as long as I could to understand why this was happening,
      Of course unusual high water pressure was involved and the new shower heads suppressing the amount of water to save the precious liquid, but this happened due to the unique characteristics of the "massage" setting and of course the pipe setting of the building .No other shower head has been able to due this stting on the intermitent massage setting, needles to say this one got ruined when I made the hole bigger.... then the effect was no more ,See ? after this I realized that the pipes were not the culprit, anyway the damn tube one day just expanded and exploded ........complaints from neighbors and management of the building got the best of my experience, but you can find this cheap shower  heads at home depot , this are the ones with 7 massage settings made completely out of plastic.......I mean no wonder , cheap stuff ......only good for tesla admirers!!! haa??
      It was quite an experience, nothing else has been able to recreate this low energy but powerful vibration able to permeate everything!! the sound out of it though increased by hollow walls was just not enough to explain this, I know now. The setting of water massage and pressure was just in the right frequency, the mechanism in the shower head was the culprit.........my wife just broke it after exploded on her almost injuring her, obviously was beyond my control couldn't hold no more in the name of research!!.......too late for the garbage truck........I don't think anyway I would have the knowledge to figure it out.........nor that I want it.
      Tesla destroyed the machine as far as I know....
      I do think it works .....those busters are too loose in their judgments and experiments I wouldn't trust them as a good source, sorry.
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      Subject: Re: [hameltech] Re: Hamel Device featured on myth busters

      Their replications are interesting but not precise -- I saw a replication of
      Tesla's building shaking machine. They hooked it up to a 3 way junction of girders
      That is about as un-resonating as possible - like trying to vibrate a node.
      In any case they got vibration out to a couple of hundred feet but still called it busted.

      Dont expect too much ;)


      granite spider wrote:

      this sunday feb 11th  on myth busters .......anti- gravity..... .....devices
             all the best ............ ......... ....
      demondoppel <mattihorn@idirect. com> wrote:

      Well, we'll see if anyone here might oppose this idea.
      I just thought it was a good idea, to get David Hamel's work out to
      the world faster and easier. The videos are technically old now. If
      one video perhaps makes it to the net for the world to see, then it
      might start a great interest. Who knows.


      --- In hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com, Randy Barrett
      <mystic_visions42@ ...> wrote:
      > I've found that if I record from my VCR to my DVD reorder in DVD+RW
      format that I can then rip that DVD to the hard drive and convert to
      DivX with amazing results. I don't have the Hamel vidoes though. If I
      get my hands on one I'll share, I promise.
      > Randy
      > demondoppel <mattihorn@. ..> wrote:
      > Jade has similar hardness to granite with normal
      > content.
      > So, yes you could use it in the spheres and cups. Expensive way to
      > though. Looks good!
      > What's the name of that show? Might want to record it, or maybe
      > on video.google. com?
      > You know, I have been thinking, that someone out there, should get
      > the David Hamel videos on video.google. com to increase exposure.
      > You'd need a TV card or some sort of video input card on your PC to
      > transfer from your VCR. Create and AVI or MPEG. Perhaps upload to
      > google, somehow. In fact, do this and also create a DVD line.
      > I have been downloading google videos, in their special format.
      > Converting them from this format to AVI, and then preparing them
      > DVD (movie) encoding.
      > That sort of flexibility, can increase exposure of material that
      > people want to get. Regardless of copy right infringemnt. In fact,
      > the last thing we should be worrying about these days, is copyright
      > infringement.
      > Big changes are coming.
      > Matt
      > --- In hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com, "david" <sombunall23@ > wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > --- In hameltech@yahoogrou ps.com, "Lee Field" <master_charade@ >
      > > wrote:
      > > >
      > > > I just got a call from the treasurer of my antigravity club. He
      > > said
      > > > "Lee, do you have cable tv next to you? You've got to check
      > > out!"
      > > hello,
      > > i saw the episode. they were very enthusiastic about the project
      > > but were joking and very television(ish) about the whole thing.
      > > opened crates of prefab parts- i wondered where those came from-
      > and
      > > assembled a 3cd in a 45gd. they used jade, wich i thought was
      > > Matt? and while the did get some movement from the cones, they
      > never
      > > put the lid on, did not get results and thus deemed it a "myth".
      > > however, the mass exposure of david's work should definately
      > serve
      > > to spark some minds out there. the show also had other familiar
      > > devices showcased. mostly lifters but they used a gravity
      > > device that was pretty cool.
      > > if you missed it, dont worry. it's on cable. it will be shown a
      > > million more times.
      > > regards, david
      > >
      > > >
      > > > I don't know if it's a new episode or what but apparently they
      > > > featured the Hamel device on Myth busters and also lifters. Did
      > > > anybody catch this episode?
      > > >
      > > > My friend told me that once they built it the cones were
      > > and
      > > > that it was doing what he seemed to think it should do.
      > he
      > > > said they didn't do the lid right, like they didn't concentrate
      > the
      > > > magnetic energy enough. Also he said that they made the cones
      > out
      > > of
      > > > alluminum not steel. Well, it makes me glad I'm going with
      > > >
      > > > Anyway, just thought I'd drop the line and see if anybody knew
      > about
      > > > this or had actually seen the episode.
      > > >
      > > > peace-out
      > > >
      > >
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