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Re: [hameltech] Re: OT: GEET Motor

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  • ole_thor
    Justin, I looked at a diesel generator, and so far it has looked like the answer for power outages, but not for day to day running (still too expensive).
    Message 1 of 12 , Apr 28, 2004
      I looked at a diesel generator, and so far it has looked
      like the answer for power outages, but not for
      day to day running (still too expensive). however with
      the latest set of increases for commercial power,
      I will have to redo the calculations.
      I'll put the bio-diesel in the file as well.
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      If you get a diesel generator you could run it on bio diesel. You can
      get used veg. oils from restrants, usually for free as they have pay
      to dispose of it. Then you need to filter out particles and use a
      process which involves heating and NaOH to remove the heavy ends. I'm
      sorry I don't have any good links on hand, but there is plenty of info
      out there so do a search if interested. Anyway once you get the final
      product you can burn it in a unmodified diesel engine. The only thing
      you have to be careful about is running it in the cold. The fuel gets
      thick and can wreak the injection pump. So with cold fuel you need to
      heat it a little before the injector. If you running it indoors it
      shouldn't be a problem.

      A diesel generator will set you back quite a bit, so I am not sure if
      it would economical. It probably could be over a longer term, as long
      as you can get the veggy oil for free or at low cost. Making the fuel
      is not really all that hard, I have a friend who knows a guy who makes
      bio diesel for his Volkswagon Rabbit. He has the whole setup in his
      basement. I have been interested in trying to do this for a few years,
      but my main problem is that I lack a diesel engine.

      Another way is to burn alcohol in a gasoline engine. There are guys
      who do it, but it costs as much or a bit more than gasoline. I learned
      how to make alcohol last year and did so on a small scale. I was
      planning to run a 5 hp engine on it. I haven't tryed to yet. I had
      grand plans to use a 100 bbl tank to brew hooch in for my car. I
      crunched some numbers, it was looking very cheap until I got to the
      distillation costs. You can't get much more that 13% alcohol with even
      the best yeast, and then you need to distill it to concentrate it. The
      energy required to raise that much water to boiling makes it
      uneconomical. There are also issues of vaporation (can't start in low
      temps), changes to engine computer is needed and the mileage is worse.
      Granted you can run a much higher compression ratio to get superior
      mileage and power. But then you cannot go back to gasoline without
      major knock issues.

      Dual fuel engines also hold great potiental, as they can have very
      high effiencies and can burn many types of fuel (diesel as a pilot in
      very small amounts and using a gas fuel like natural gas). The high
      price of natural gas has all but completely killed the development of it.

      It may be worth considering changes in your equipment or processes to
      save on power. Again the benefit may out weight the costs. That is how
      it often is, and why many times in industry more efficient methods are
      disregarded for the sake of cost.

      Of course what you really need is a working 3CD. Then you could pull
      out all the power you needed!


      --- In hameltech@yahoogroups.com, "ole_thor" <ole_thor@j...> wrote:
      > Justin,
      > I run my business from my home. I use a lot of equipment.
      > If I run an infernal combustion type generator, I would need
      > to get better than normal "mileage" out of it, or it is too expensive.
      > thanks for the tip, I'll keep it on file, if I go with a genset.
      > Ole.
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