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Re: 11111: Getting the feel

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  • mikemo500
    OOps! I guess the word I meant to use is spoll not spoil . I thought I remembered right, but oh well. Here s further reading:
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 5, 2004
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      OOps! I guess the word I meant to use is "spoll" not "spoil". I
      thought I remembered right, but oh well. Here's further reading:



      --- In hameltech@yahoogroups.com, "mikemo500" <mmorrissey@p...> wrote:
      > It's been a long time since I posted, but I do try to keep up with
      > the group. It's also been a long time since I did any building.
      > other day, I was just fooling around with some old stainless steel
      > shot glasses. the bottom is the size of a quarter, the top about
      > 1.75" wide. I spun the thing on the table (lightly) and it came to
      > life. I have a newfound interest in hameltech. try this
      > with any round tapered cup you might have. You did the spin right
      > the bottom resembles a spun coin as it 'spoils' The top, resembles
      > the action of the cones. I believe serious understanding can be
      > gained from just observing this simple demonstration. I have tried
      > it with many cups, but the metal shot glasses show the action the
      > best.
      > The coolest part of this demonstration is when I try to spin it
      > enough that it doesn't tilt and spoil. If I get the spin speed
      > right, it will actually spin and then jump into a spoil---
      > spontaneously. This is do to a slight rounding on the bottom of
      > glass. It dosn't have quite a perfectly flat bottom.
      > JUSTIN: nice to see that you are still posting!
      > Mike
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