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  • Jon C. Munson II
    Dec 1, 2003
      your cone should not 'rest' on the oscillator, but instead 'touch' the oscillator.  the magnetic rings should 'float' the cone.  this is probably the cause of your imbalance.  one other possibility is the strength of your magnets - they may be off enough to cause the 'tip.'  lastly, check the 'alignment' - ensure that all of your magnets on each ring are on the same plane.
      one more word about floating the cone.  the cone needs to be supported (not contained) by the magnetism of the ring.  you may have to add weight to the cone (or use weaker magnets) to lower it further into the field.  you want it placed just before the 'snap' or 'neutral point' in the field.  i am not sure how to explain this better - maybe chris or ole or justin can provide a better written description.  the magnetic viewing film can assist with this if you cannot feel the field properly.
      if you are building a mini, i believe chris wrapped some copper wire around the magnets to help unify the field.  you may wish to check that.
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      Hi all,

      So far I have constructed an oscillator, a cone and ring, and an
      adjustable frame to hold it in.

      I wanted to construct each piece to get an idea of workable
      techniques for each so that I have a process that is repeatable. 
      This way I can try and have 3 cones that are matched because they
      were all made the same way.

      I have noticed something a little weird.  When I place my cone inside
      the stand, on top of the oscillator it balances slightly off center
      of my outer ring.  In addition it is tipped a little higher on one

      If put the tip of the cone on a smooth surface (at the same height as
      the pin at the center of my oscillator) it will balance, but if I
      give the cone a nudge it will kick the bottom out and crash the
      cone.  If I am on my pivot point it will stay in a confined wobble,
      although the cone is tipped and off center.

      My first thought was my outer ring was deformed.  So I made a better
      ring and it is still happening.

      It could be my oscillator.  I will know more when I make better cones
      this week and see if it is still lopsided.

      Still building.


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