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985511112: Balancing Cone

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  • tvboycott
    Dec 1 7:12 AM
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      Hi all,

      So far I have constructed an oscillator, a cone and ring, and an
      adjustable frame to hold it in.

      I wanted to construct each piece to get an idea of workable
      techniques for each so that I have a process that is repeatable.
      This way I can try and have 3 cones that are matched because they
      were all made the same way.

      I have noticed something a little weird. When I place my cone inside
      the stand, on top of the oscillator it balances slightly off center
      of my outer ring. In addition it is tipped a little higher on one

      If put the tip of the cone on a smooth surface (at the same height as
      the pin at the center of my oscillator) it will balance, but if I
      give the cone a nudge it will kick the bottom out and crash the
      cone. If I am on my pivot point it will stay in a confined wobble,
      although the cone is tipped and off center.

      My first thought was my outer ring was deformed. So I made a better
      ring and it is still happening.

      It could be my oscillator. I will know more when I make better cones
      this week and see if it is still lopsided.

      Still building.

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