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  • gumboots2u <PDS@rogers.com>
    Jan 2, 2003
      Hello Alphabet Paul.

      Well damn those feds. Tim Harwood has said many times to watch out
      for this also. As for myself??????? The jury is still out on this one
      . In other words no proof but TONS of suspicion. Any ways , glad to
      have a fresh face around. Truly Mac.

      --- In hameltech@yahoogroups.com, "alphabet_paul
      <alphabet_paul@y...>" <alphabet_paul@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Hameltechers,
      > I'm new to this group, but I've been personal friends with several
      group members for quite some time now.
      > It has become time for my 2 cents worth in order to help a friend
      who is a member of hameltech.
      > A mutual friend of both of ours has given his life to bring forth
      information concerning aliens & the governments of earth.
      > The day following the posting of this information to another group
      this mutual friend was found dead at home, with suitcases packed.
      > Nobody want's to put they're name on this info now, for obvious
      survival reasons, so I am going to post it here & damn the feds.
      > The info is to follow...
      > Yours truly,
      > Paul Johnson, PA, USA
      > ********************************************************************
      > Thousands of years ago the initial human / earth population
      experiments ended. The original reasoning behind these experiments is
      no longer understood. Even the races currently inhabiting the worlds
      where these races came from cannot agree on the original reasoning.
      Too many millennia have passed, too many histories experienced,
      recorded and re-recorded.
      > When these experiments ended, the "Founders" left to return home.
      Here on earth the "Observers" were left behind to study the long
      range effects within each of the various wide-spread cultures.
      They're mission was to merely observe and record the progress and
      time-lines of their respective culture, with a definite "no
      interference" policy. These Observers followed the mission's rules,
      but eventually they're decendants merged into the general population
      through marriage. These decendants of the original Observers did not
      follow the strict rules/guides handed down to them from the original
      Observers. Since they were intellectually superior and also had
      hidden technology, they soon sought leadership and power among the
      > The Observers decendants were seen as gods and holy men. They
      were able to perform things seen as "miracles" which "proved" they're
      god-powers. These god-like powers diminished from generation to
      generation because of the inter-breeding with humans, until these
      powers would only be manifest among a very small number of these
      decendants. Modern day psychics, mediums, healers, etc. come from
      this lineage.
      > There were a couple of small groups of these Observers who saw
      what this mixing of human genes into they're lineage was doing. They
      saw that the powers would eventually diminish all together. These
      small groups attempted to keep they're lineage pure, and did not mix
      with humans. They're reasoning for this separation was in the hopes
      of returning to they're ancestor's home and culture someday.
      > Hundreds of years passed, and these separatists realized that not
      only were they abandoned, but that they were also part of the
      Founder's grand experiment. They realized that they were never
      going "home".
      > This realization led them to believe that the only way to properly
      survive as a "superior" race was to assume the leadership role for
      the human race. This was an easy role to portray with superior
      intellect, god-like powers, and human looks. There are examples of
      these failed leadership roles that can be seen in ancient history
      such as Atlantis, Luremia, etc. as well as other not so obvious roles.
      > Now the most powerful of these Observer's decendants work entirely
      behind the scenes in virtually ALL major powers of the world. They
      have, through careful planning, placed the human race into a
      continuous state of turmoil. This turmoil is evident on all fronts,
      religious, physical, political, mental, quantum, etc.. Working
      together, among themselves, they have kept this constant turmoil
      active while controlling it's magnitude. They don't want a large
      enough disruption to destroy everything they've worked so hard to
      achieve over the last 10, 000 + years.
      > These Observer's decendants are now in nearly complete control.
      They are frantically working to re-gain the lost god-like powers of
      they're ancestors. They have also pacted with even less benevolant
      races toward these ends, promising them a "piece of the action" when
      the time comes.
      > A major part of the reasoning for all official denials of UFO's,
      EBE's, ET's is the control factor of keeping human kind unaware of
      who controls the power, who is the power behind the scenes.
      > Any of this knowledge, including the words your reading here, are
      seen as a very serious threat to they're version of "national
      > In these "modern" times there are several sub-groups, controlled
      by these people, who will stop at NOTHING to ensure human dependance
      on this system of governmental control that has been set up for us.
      > One of their favorite methods of personal control is the use
      of "psychic attack". These attacks have left large numbers of
      independent researchers ruined over the years. For those who would
      be inclined to attempt to follow it, there is a "body trail" that
      would alarm most everyone reading this.
      > Many people have experienced different variations of psychic
      invasions, and never realized that this was even happening.
      > Here's a little test, have you ever:
      > Had the sudden feeling of disorientation?
      > Had the sudden feeling that you were being given information?
      > Suddenly felt very lethargic, like you suddenly lose energy and
      need sleep?
      > During the experience of having any of the above symptoms, has
      there been a disturbance around you--example: kids, parents, spouse,
      etc. suddenly create a situation that distracts all/most of your
      attention from the personal experience.
      > During the disturbance, has the districting area been extremely
      local--example: walking to a different room seems somewhat soothing,
      and the person/people creating this disturbance seem to also calm
      when physically moving to another area, even a short distance away.
      > Have you ever experienced the feeling of someone else being there
      with you as you were just falling asleep?
      > Have you ever experienced the feeling of being physically ill
      during the same falling asleep time?
      > Have you ever gotten physically ill for a short time day after
      day, at approximately the same time of day? Sometimes this illness is
      accompanied by the feeling that your doing something wrong, and need
      to change what you're doing in a specific area of your life.
      > These are all symptoms of psychic attack!
      > Here's how it works:
      > The standard method of psychic attack is a variant of the "remote
      viewing" used by the military and intelligence agencies around the
      world for years.
      > Many times these psychic attacks, or sessions, will happen at the
      same time of day. This is because the remote viewer generally has a
      personal schedule, and does these attacks within that schedule.
      > Once the link is established by the remote viewer, it's possible
      for the person under attack to detect the presenceof the attacker,
      and with a bit of practice to actually follow the psychic connection
      back to it's originator! They definitely don't like this reversal of
      roles where you can now learn the identity & location of your
      attacker, so be very careful if you attempt this!! It is much safer
      to "shield" yourself from attack than attempting to counter-attack or
      gather information from your attacker.
      > There is also the method of causing a "local area disturbance"
      that disrupts, and confuses your normal senses in a small area
      surrounding you. This usually takes the form of people, or sometimes
      things, around you suddenly making lots of noise and / or comotion
      that distracts your attention away from your own thoughts. Once
      accomplished, the attacker slips quietly into your normal thought
      chatter where they can retrieve otherwise secret information that you
      normally wouldn't freely give.
      > Sometimes thoughts or ideas will actually be planted from within.
      These are generally either false information, or harmful ideas,
      planted to inhibit your progress within whatever area the remote
      viewer is attempting to affect.
      > In my opinion there is only one safe way to stop the attacks, that
      is through psychic shielding. There are many methods of psychic
      shielding, one of my personal favorites is a visualization of a
      shielding bubble, or dome, rising up out of the earth. It is always
      attached to the earth, to carry away the incoming un-wanted advances
      of the attacker(s). The bubble, or dome, must be made of the energy
      that is pure love! There is no exception, or substitute for this.
      The source is up to you, some prefer God's love, godess's love,
      universal love, or the simple pure unconditional love that is within
      us all. Unconditional love is the absolute key to survival here!
      > It is also quite common and quite effective to exersize influence
      over people close to you. Skewing thought processes and perverting
      the perception of otherwise totally benign everyday thoughts and
      activities into very harmful and hurtful feelings of having been done
      wrong, and major resentment. The resentment is then fostered,
      nurtured, and allowed to be used as the driving force to propel the
      relationship into a downward spiral of discontent, resent, argument,
      pain and suffering. Any or all of these negative feelings can easily
      be fostered and used to prevent the subject from advancing they're
      work. It needs to be noted that this person will not act as himself
      or herself during these times of outside influence.
      > Short of physically stopping the subject, this is one of the most
      effective methods of slowing, or even stopping, a person's research
      and development work.
      > Furthermore, many of the unfortunate people in our insane wards
      around the world have come from experiments (both failed & sucessful)
      with this type of "remote viewing", and "remote influencing" that
      should be labeled "psychic warfare".
      > They make treaties with some of earth's visitors, and actively
      engage in military actions with those who refuse the treaty offer.
      These visitors play a crucial role in the power game for our behind-
      the-scenes "controllers" who wish to re-enter the trans-galactic
      group of cultures as a power to be respected.
      > There are also benevolant forces at work, trying to help empower
      the human race before its too late. Unfortunately for humans, and
      these benevolant visitors, this kind of outside influence is regarded
      as extremely dangerous to the controllers. Therefore, these kind
      beings are hunted, and persecuted for they're attempts to educate
      > These benevolant forces see the need to prepare for the upcoming
      inter-galactic civil war. Earth will be drawn into this war, even if
      the "controllers" were to completely disappear from earth now. The
      only way for the humans of earth to win this is on a personal level.
      This must be done by means of an overall consciousness shift. This
      shift must be on a fairly large level, so as to affect every
      conscious being within this region of space, including non-human
      races within this region.
      > The "Controllers" are gaining political and military strength,
      both on a global and inter-global scale. There collaboration with
      other races has brought earth some great technological breakthroughs
      in science and medicine, but at a tremendous cost. All the truly
      powerful technology, however, remains hidden from humans for other
      > There are also non-humans living among earth's human population.
      Some of them work directly for/with the Controllers, while others are
      scientists from other races who are here to study earth, but are
      forced to hide they're true identity from the Controllers.
      > There are still others who are "deep moles" planted here by
      certain different races to be called upon when necessary, such as to
      complete an important mission from they're particular home-world.
      This is a common practice among earth's governments, so it should not
      be surprising for non-earth governments to use similar tactics.
      > Some of these deeply hidden moles are so well disguised that even
      they don't know who they really are. Actually there are quite a few
      of these type of hidden moles, more than anyone realizes. These
      people are studied from the time they're born, to normal human
      parents, and either programed for use years ahead of time or
      completely replaced with a physically manipulated identical
      replacement. For all practical purposes these moles are entirely
      human, with normal human thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.. In this
      manner there is no way that they can be identified as to what they
      truly are, or where they came from.
      > These people are sometimes abducted, and re-abducted for special
      programming, and they all go through a form of "thought training"
      during they're sleeping hours. Part of this training includes the
      command to "forget" that the training has ever taken place until the
      correct "trigger" opens the specific thought pathways to allow the
      subject to remember. Those who actually do remember being abducted
      are only able to remember small pieces of everything that they saw
      and heard. A common memory is that of being told "you will remember
      when the time is right".
      > I don't bring you this information to frighten anyone, but
      instead because everyone needs to know about the upcoming time of
      tremendous turmoil coming to earth. All the previous turmoils of
      recorded history will pale in comparison.
      > I was never supposed to remember any of this, and I'm certainly
      not supposed to reveal these things to anyone. I'm certain that my
      telling who ever will listen will not go long without repercussions.
      Termination is the usual course of action for anyone revealing any of
      this "forbidden" information.
      > I sincerely hope that everyone can properly prepare for the
      upcoming events, and I hope that the people I care about will be all
      right in my absence.
      > Sign this: Subject X
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