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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
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      > http://www.bristolpress.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=13260000
      > 10/31/2004
      > DeLauro faces two foes for her U.S. rep. seat
      > By JEFF MILL , The Herald Press
      > Two rivals, including one who ran in 2002, are trying to unseat the
      > veteran
      > incumbent congresswoman in the Third Congressional District.
      > For the past 14 years, the seat has been held by Democrat Rosa
      > DeLauro.
      > This
      > year, she again faces opposition from Richter "Rick" Elser, a New Haven
      > resident and businessman who chal-lenged her in 2002, and from Green
      > Party
      > candidate Ralph Ferrucci, an artist who is also a bread and cookie
      > deliveryman.
      > A self-described moderate Republican, Elser calls his í02 contest with
      > DeLauro "a learning experience," that provided him with name
      > recognition and something else: an awareness that "I like
      > campaigning."
      > Born on Philadelphiaís Main Line, Elser, 45, came to New Haven to
      > attend Yale University. He earned a history degree and graduated in
      > 1981, and then stayed on in the Elm City. At one point, he ran
      > Richterís, a popular in-town
      > bar; he later ran the Tibwin restaurant on College Street.
      > He has described himself as "the only guy in the race who has actually
      > held
      > a real job, met a payroll, dealt with taxes, and knows how government
      > legislation impacts small business owners."
      > He has come back to that fact again and again during the campaign,
      > urging a
      > policy that, if not pro-business in the strictest sense, at the very
      > least
      > encourages more awareness of the pressures on small businesses, which
      > he has
      > describes as the lifeblood of the economy.
      > On the other side of the political spectrum from Elser stands
      > Ferrucci,
      > 32,
      > who like the Republi-can, is also a New Haven resident.
      > Ferrucci is also fairly bursting with ideas, on everything from the
      > war
      > in
      > Iraq to the centerpiece of his campaign, universal health care for all
      > Americans.
      > It is an issue that is very personal to him.
      > "Right now, there are nearly 45 million people who live without health
      > care.
      > In fact, I am one of those people," he explained. "The rising cost of
      > health
      > are has made it hard for lower and middle income (people) to be able to
      > afford it."
      > Ferrucci proposes a single-payer universal health care that calls for
      > expanding Medicare. He says not only will it meet the goal of
      > providing health care to all citizens, but it will save money.
      > "The system john Kerry is proposing will cost too much money," he
      > said.
      > But Ferrucci said his proposal will save as much as $286 billion a
      > year
      > from
      > a health care bu-reaucracy that is fast approaching $400 billion
      > annually.
      > "This system has worked well in other countries, none of which spend
      > as
      > much
      > as we do per capita for health care," he said, adding that the U.S. "is
      > the
      > only industrialized nation that does not have a universal health are
      > system." Cuba has a better system than the U.S., Ferrucci said.
      > On Iraq, Ferrucci is equally emphatic: he is calling for a pullout of
      > U.S.
      > troops within six months.
      > "It is time to pull out our soldiers, foreign contractors, and the
      > foreign
      > investors who are in Iraq," he said, adding that it can be done is
      > such a
      > way that "we will not leave Iraq to become an anarchist state."
      > "First, we need to give the oil back to the people of Iraq." Ferrucci
      > would
      > do that by setting up what is in essence a stock option program, in
      > which
      > every Iraqi over the age of 18 would get "one share in Iraqi oil -- and
      > no
      > one can own more than one share."
      > "This will give the people of Iraq a reason to live and something to
      > be proud of," he insisted. Next, he calls for setting up a peace force
      > which will take the place of U.S. troops and ensure na-tional
      > elections can be held. Finally, he said the U.S. must contribute
      > humanitarian aid "to build
      > back the infrastructure we helped to destroy. We cannot leave the
      > country in
      > the shape it is in."
      > Finally, in an effort to create jobs, Ferrucci calls for tuition-free
      > higher
      > education for students who go to state universities.
      > Sending people back to school for re-training can create jobs in
      > biotech,
      > education, and nursing, all areas he said that are now facing a
      > shortage of
      > trained workers.
      > To contact Jeff Mill, call (860)347-3331 ext. 221 or email
      > jmill@....
      > ©The Bristol Press 2004
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