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3158Re: [Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia] Family Lion of Judah Ring

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  • Stacey Fields
    Jun 20, 2011
      Thank you. I am in touch with Jim. I will never sell it- it is a family treasure.


      On Jun 20, 2011, at 3:17 PM, "Brian, Brian Wood, Wood" <jahgarden@...> wrote:

      > Blessed Love Stacey,
      > I was under the impression that the ring was the ring handed down to Haile
      > Selassie I's son Prince Asfa Wosen, But it was not Bob Marley's ring. Instead
      > rather, Bob was allowed to put the ring on, possed for a picture with it (the
      > famous photo), and then returned it to the display. This was a priviledge Bob
      > was granted, but it was in no way given to him to keep. I am trying to contact
      > Jah Jim in Los Angeles as he has a large collection of Ethiopian artifacts and
      > is very knowledgable on these matters. The ring you posses, such as items I have
      > been given by the royal family, is extremely priceless. It is more honourable to
      > put the ring in your pocket and beg for food then to ever sell it to pay for
      > earthly pleasures. However, the ring itself is an earthly pleasure and it's true
      > value lies in the spirit by which it found it's way to you.Please feel free to
      > contact me at anytime, even through technology it is the human connection that
      > brings life unto life.
      > Peace, Love, Health, Guidance, and Protection,
      > Jah Brian
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