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3155Re: [Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia] Family Lion of Judah Ring

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  • hi_lighter144@yahoo.com
    Jun 20, 2011
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      From my recollection, even in the biography Catch a Fire which is very well researched Bob Marley was given the ring by HH Asfaw Wossen. In that piece of literature Asfaw is quoted to have said "you deserve it more than I do" before handing the Imperial ring to Marley.

      Marley wore the ring from henceforth and he is seen in many pictures in it.

      With respect to rings... It desigates the imperial realm and commitment. Solomon gave Makeda his ring as his ensignia that menelik would know he was Jerusalem's prince.

      Our Emperor was given a ring upon his Coronation along with six other gifts by the Church.

      I cannot for certain say this is the same ring Marley wears because in the pictures of our Emperor he wears a solid gold ring in the shape of a lion's head.... Which is different from the onyx ring with the encrusted diamond that Bob was given.... But the ring given to Bob fits the description of the national geographic mazagine description pertaining to the ring our Emperor wore.

      In the book Catch a Fire. Bob asks HH if it was HIM's ring and HH said yes the one he wore.... So by honourable word Bob was granted a very powerful ring... One that was worthy to be placed on the heir. Asfaw Wossen said " you deserve" meaning you are even more committed to my father than I am. It is a very honourable confession.

      I have also seen the imperial signet worn by members of the family.... Anyone who wears a signet whether handed down by grandfather, given by friend or lover bears the power and responsibility to see that the cause of Ethiopia is furthered. The ring is a reminder. It is a commitment symbol. It is not to be taken lightly, it is equivalent to marriage. Whoever places one of these rings on their finger is destined and in whose destiny Ethiopia lies, this is one reason the Emperor chose carefully to whom he offered a ring.... He has offered medals and sceptres too but the ring means "you are family to me and I am committed to you."

      I hope this is abundanly clear.
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      Blessed Love Stacey,
      I was under the impression that the ring was the ring handed down to Haile
      Selassie I's son Prince Asfa Wosen, But it was not Bob Marley's ring. Instead
      rather, Bob was allowed to put the ring on, possed for a picture with it (the
      famous photo), and then returned�it to the display. This was a priviledge Bob
      was granted, but it was in no way�given to him to keep. I am trying to contact
      Jah Jim in Los Angeles as he has a large collection of Ethiopian artifacts�and
      is very knowledgable on these matters. The ring you posses, such as items I have
      been given by the royal family, is extremely priceless. It is more honourable to
      put the ring in your pocket and beg for food then to ever sell it to pay for
      earthly pleasures. However, the ring itself is an earthly pleasure and it's true
      value lies in the spirit by which it found it's way to you.Please feel free to
      contact me at anytime, even through technology it is the human connection that
      brings life unto life.
      Peace, Love, Health, Guidance, and Protection,
      Jah Brian

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